Thursday, December 27, 2007

If You Can

If you can believe…lets take flight
Overcome our boundaries
Forget what could have been better
And together explore the azure infinity

If you can trust…come hold my hand
Let’s take a walk along the forgotten pathways…
Leave behind our footprints in the age old dust
And together welcome the new dawn

If you can fight…lets snatch immortality
Be larger than life in this petty rat race
Survive like a lighthouse through the storm of time
And together force our demons to see defeat…

If you can love…come lets spread it
Bring a smile on those parched lips…
A healing touch to those in pain
And together carry forward the torch of humanity

Is it asking for too much…
From the only rational animal
If you can…please make it true
And together all of us lets say…we can.

Monday, December 10, 2007


The narrow by-lanes of my memory beckon…
Asking me to forget the fetters of time
And lose myself in the idle reminiscence
Of the day when I watched you dance in the rain

The silent mansions of my memory call…
Urging me to knock once again on the forgotten doors
To call on you and say
Hello, I’ve come again…

The peaceful graveyard of my memory seduces…
Tempting me to exhume the phantoms
Of a dark past
Luring me back to the nightmares I left behind

My old friend, my memory waits…
His all-knowing patience angers me…
He knows I’ll keep coming back
To meet him forever and a day

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Waiting For Life

Life’s strange and I am just trying to be a stranger
Love’s blind and I am just blinded…
The walk through the faceless multitude
A life spent…in counting down countless countdowns

The anticipation of numerous sunrises
New beginnings and harrowing ends
What is the purpose…
Of the time spent?

The beauty defined by mortal eyes
Emotions auctioned in the dark streets
When all is in turmoil…
It’s only you who can make me still

The oasis of the deserted world
The eternal beauty of sleep
I wish the mystery of death is never solved
It will make life boring…

Here lies my soul
In anticipation of your kiss
My words echoing through the empty heart…
Begging you to come before I become a part of the mad world…

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Protest 2 ( Protest or Make Way)

Did you feel the lances of rationality?
Are you a victim of the altar of society?
Are you stunned by the general notoriety?

Wake up and get used to this hypocrisy
The elaborate façade we call democracy
The noose of the soulless hollow bureaucracy…

If you can’t adjust, too bad, make way
Or, maybe you want to face death and say…
If that’s what you want to do, please…please make them pay.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


“don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.”
-Bob Dylan
(the times they are a-changing)

I was the guy
Who burnt in shame
When you were made to run naked
In the streets of civilization

I was the lonely youth
Who stood helpless
When you were torched
For being a witch

I am the insecure angry man
Who died a thousand deaths
In the bloody streets of the city of joy
When I saw the mask of humanity pulled off your bloody faces

Where do I find courage?
To fight a mutated evil
To protest, to stand tall…
When they take away from me all that I have ever known

Together, I dream of a future
An appointment with time
A time for which I waited like no other
A time when we finally protest…

It is time to protest against
The emperor’s nude vanity
To do what the youth stands for…
To herald the time for change…

Saturday, November 17, 2007

To The Other Side

The cold nozzle of the gun
Heralded the dawn
Walking on the blood-soiled roads
They walked home

In the anguish of the multitude
Stood a forlorn lover
The stench of her burnt flesh
Fresh in his memory

The nightmarish nights and the dark days
The constant push towards the edge
The hate, the impotent anger, the lost pride
Made him a hollow shell

Fear the wrath of the lonely lover
Fear the sighs of hollowed hearts
Today I am dead for you…
But beware the kiss of a rose…

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Outcast

Tantalizingly close yet a breath too far
Holding on to the cornerstone of my existence
The endless pursuit in search of my identity
Engaged in the futile endeavor to belong…

I walk on the wall of sanity
Daring to look over the edge…
I create my world, where you belong…
I dare to dream of a world where we belong…

Who are they to pass a verdict…
Who gives them the power to fetter my feelings
I dare them to bind the sea
I challenge them to come here and see

Time flows on…as it always does
Carrying with it the flimsy excuse we call humanity
The elaborate masquerade…
To hide their fear of me…you…and us who are different

The crime of love made me an outcast
Romance made me a madman and a fool
But to cap it all, I refused to be a bootlicker
So, helpless, they killed me

I do not write this to complain
Or to change society, to prove the might of the ‘aged’ pen
I write to seek the reason
Why they couldn’t just let me be…

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Born

The unknown fear of a known devastation
The restless nights of the sleepless city
Spent in your memory…the silent groans
The pain that I cannot explain…

The red pestilence
Keeps thumping against this sleepless monster
How I wish it fell asleep
If only I could offer you a cold red carpet

How harsh, how cruel I have become
You gasp at my insolence
It’s a bad omen to hear dogs cry
Maybe that’s why you shun me…

In this world of wireless communication
I wish I could transcend these mortal fetters…to speak to you…
O’ what is the price
I wish I could buy our dead child some time

We gave birth…
I bore the labour pains as much as you
But you left me to feel
The pain of a still born…

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fightin' A Memory

Why is it so difficult to beat a shadow,
So impossible to give it the slip?
Why is it so tough to forget…
That it follows me…

I wish your memory did not haunt me
I wish I was left alone
Hoping I will move apart
But the farther I go…it follows…

What is it that you want from me?
What is it that is left to give
I gave your freedom…without a fight
And I can’t fight your memory

Please take away your shadow
It pushes me to the edge
It brings back the pain…
There’s just one escape from the shadow…your darkness

Friday, September 28, 2007

Beyond The Horizon

Looking for the narrow source of light
Lost in the cobwebs of frozen time
Vain anger at the flying bird
Why was I left behind?

My shoulders…no longer a safe perch
A deep sigh from the hollowed heart…
Becoming the wind beneath her wings
Carrying her far away…

My eyes are numb…
I no longer feel the light…
Here, I am waiting…
For eternity to end…

Will I ever wake from this slumber?
Will I ever feel the healing touch…
Who knows…I stare beyond the horizon…
Waiting for light lost in the cobwebs of frozen time…

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I feel the fire within…
Red hot embers
Covered with useless ash of self-restraint

I see the anger…
I look into the eyes of a person…pushed too far
Yet holding on…

The broken teeth of a caged tiger
The anguish of a ‘dam’-ed river
The urge to break free

I wonder why, I stop
I ponder why, I don’t fight…
Sometimes I wonder, why I wonder…

Useless circumnavigation
In this endless moor of civilization
Helplessly lost, yet hopeful of finding a way out

Now, I have a dream…
A desire…to once stand
And breathe…for me

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Crushed under heavy boots
The last remnants of my ideals
Broken by mistake…crushed by choice
Yet, I have no regrets

Your cold shoulder…but unfathomable love
And the taste of blood in my lips
Lingers on…in the air between us
The gap widened…the bridge lies broken

Snow settles on my eyebrows…
Is death ever peaceful?
All the children of the sun…
Do we ever choose sadness…yet why it comes?

Things have to be forgotten
But they stay on…forever in my mind
Your uncared for tears
Your unseen grief that mutilated your soul

I have loved with purity unbound
Yet I feel like an undeserver
I have given a lot…yet I want to give more
Here I apologize to my last hope…

Friday, August 31, 2007


Awakened by Rain’s desperate summon…
Saved by Wind’s final protection
Clutching onto your unconditional love
Pulled back from abyss of doom

O’ the unforgivable mistakes
The unexplainable deeds…
The stumble and slips
Yet…I stand my ground

I survive…alone…defeated…
I survive…beaten…broken…
I survive with lost hope…
I survive to come back…

Today, I proclaim…to you my soaring eagle
Purified by pain…protected by your love
Chastised by tears…caressed by your smile
I will wait for you to settle down on my shoulders

I know you will be here only for a while
You will fly away…’coz the sky is where you belong
And I set you free…with my love…
’Coz you made me survive the black dream…

Friday, August 17, 2007

Try…Once Again

Don’t discard the wine glass with broken edges
It still holds wine
Don’t give up till you die
You still can live
It’s all about trying…once again

Shake of the yoke of gloom
Look ahead into the light piercing imminent doom
Standing alone in the multitude
Walking a different line
It’s all about trying…once again

Instead of seeing ahead, see now…
Instead of calculating what you get, count what you give
Instead of asking for caress, ask for courage
Instead of going around the hill, go over it
It’s all about trying…once again

Advices are empty words
They are as flimsy as the wind
As whimsical as the rain
They mean nothing…unless I try
As its all about trying…once again


The wind’s tireless hide and seek in my hair
My incessant struggle to overcome my fear
The hidden truth
And remorseless mirth
They are all rolled into one

Entering the chamber of unbound silence
Feeling…or is it remembering a subtle presence…
The tingle, the palpitating heart
Looking to fit into the jigsaw puzzle the last missing part
They all come together

Growing up into a flightless bird
No one warned me life’s so hard
It’s the untold story of the want
It’s the unclaimed victory of the age-old chant
They all combined

Take all together
And throw in a life…
It’s me that we meet
Shamefully selfish yet human
Living with a dignity demanded…seldom given

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Stars shimmering in the night
Emphasizing the darkness around me
The mind levitating to a mindless numbness
Staring back at a stranger in the mirror

What is it that draws me back…
An unexplained desire to belong…
Face drawn with years of not caring
Yet a smile remembered in the buried past

What am I… an innocuous stranger
A flotsam drifting along with life
Alone in the jostling crowd
Darkness reflected in dead eyes

The haunting fragrance of the graveyard rose
The shade under a tombstone
The cold marble seat of someone’s bones
They are all part of me…or I a part of them…

Sometimes, I do not feel like a man
’Coz it’s been long since I shriveled up
Yet I exist…with a purpose?
In these dark nights, I think, while darkness encompasses me

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Presence

Darkness descends all around
Even the fireflies have gone numb
In the silence of darkness
I hear your faint footfall.

After having an animated chat with you
I realize you are not there…
Like the wind…you have faded
And I’ve been left talking to myself

You make me feel like a fool
An unwanted stray dog
Granted left over crumbs of love
By a gratifying mistress

The wind through my hair
Threatens to reveal my dark thoughts to you
No matter how much I try to block you and hide
I remain an open page, which you read whenever you choose

You are the ultimate embodiment
Of the dream that was fulfilled
I am complete in your veins
And I breathe in your essence…

The Kaiser

I tried to push my grief deep inside my heart
Found it too shallow
I delved deep to bring back her smile from my heart
Found it too deep

The heart…the pulsating darkness
The feeling of irreplaceable loss
Replaced by solace in grief
The heart’s tricks we fools trying to understand

Running about like lab mice suddenly set free
Lost in the running…purpose long since forgotten
We follow our needs…
Fooled by the hope of following our heart

It’s a game of emotions…
Heart the master con-artist
Generations have been destroyed by it
Yet its noble to follow it…

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Silence of Speech

What if, my words no longer carry a meaning
My words, they become empty
What if, they stop trying to send a message…
Will you listen to me in that silence…

Do you think it will be as devastating as blindness
If my words are nothing but nonsense
If I just talked and laughed, but stopped feeling
Would you care to still try and understand…

We can understand each other’s silence
But will you be able to take this silence…
The silence that threatens to leave the rationale
The silence which is maddening…the silence of my speech

Isn’t it just another mask
A mask of gibberish
A charade of happiness to hide pain…
Wearing peacock’s feathers to hide the blackness

Speech…the beauty…the power
It will be a sad day when it goes silent
But the faster life, in the fastest lane
Is leading me to lose myself in the silence of my speech

Awakened By Rain

Walking down Park Street,
On a rainy Monday morning
Waterlogged…slippery… yet an unique appeal
A taste of forgotten life suddenly on my mind

The rushing city of booming economy
The air full of smoke of cigarettes and cars
Suddenly smelt sweet…
Kolkata, has been brought to a halt…

Rain’s adamant refusal to listen to the demands of globalization
The curses of technocrats notwithstanding
A subtle touch of nostalgia
A whiff of fragrant air…reminiscent of a buried past

Walking on that morning
I looked at the city of my love
Remembered her…admired her
Forced by Nature…glad that I did so…

Everyone thought I was crazy
Or maybe a KMC fan, trying to prove a point
Who cares…I was strolling…gliding by…
Wiping the mirror of my heart clean

I do not know why I took that walk
But, I enjoyed the water’s gentle caress
I reveled in the feeling of time stopping…
I realized with a rush of joy…I had not forgotten her

My rain, you brought everything to a stop
But I awoke in your presence…
Awoke to a beauty, I had forgotten existed
On the rainy day, when I walked down Park Street

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Birth And Death

Listening to the song of life
In the silence of the rain
Trying to find the unchained melody
In the depth of the clouds

Soaring alone in the azure sky
Riding the crest of a wind swell
Rolling in the fragrance of the wet earth
I gave birth to my love for you…

But…I was not the one…
Not the embodiment of your dream
I was not what you expected me to be
Not good enough…for you…

Looking for the essence of life
In the lap of death
Searching for a ray of sunshine
In the eye of the cyclone

Lost in sea
Caught in a whirlpool
Still defiantly facing what lies ahead
I bury you, my love

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Useless Dreams

I watch a slice of the sky
Through the small window of my room
Crippled by a helplessly drunk driver
Yet I dream of flying in the blue sky

I stare out at the street
Eagerly looking for the familiar car of my son
Dumped in an old-age home by him
Yet I dream of going back…he coming to fetch me

I patiently wait
Anticipating the one call, that will never come
She has gone far…far away
Yet I dream of her coming to me

I slog harder everyday…trying to earn more
To pay for the treatment of my wife’s blood cancer
She will leave me forever…soon
Yet I dream of conquering the black disease

What is the use of such dreams?
Why do we want to lose ourselves in vain hopes…
Is this a life…where the sole thing we hold on to…
Is a lie…A useless dream…

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Homecoming

I have woken up while the dawn is still dark
The night engaged in the last desperate battle with light
I can’t see you, yet I feel your presence
You are coming home …at last

I remember, as if it was yesterday
The silent parting of ways…
Not a word was spoken…yet so much was said
The eyes still speak…will you understand them?

Its been a long time, my love
Long has been the wait…
I have stumbled and slipped…but never fell
’coz deep down inside I felt your touch…

You come to me at last…
Returning from the unknown quest…
What did you get?
Did you find a substitute…for my love?

Yes, it is the homecoming
My lover returns from a distant land…
But is it really my love returning?
Who knows, after all… long has been the wait

Friday, June 22, 2007


The dried rose…
A silent testimony
Of a lost fragrance
Of a memory lost in time
Of love locked deep inside my being…

The torn letter…
The sole letter which you wrote to me…
Ripped apart in a moment of anger
The ruins protected by years of love…

The pen…
You gave to me…
The ink long since over…but it still writes
The language of our silence…the language of unspoken words

The card…
Of love and a hug
The cute teddy bear still smiles at me
A smile frozen with the burden of my love…

These souvenirs of my life
Mementoes of a memory I want to forget…
Till I find them…again in a locked up vault of my heart
Reminding me of what was and will never be…

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Why do I tend to sink…
When all I have learnt is to stay afloat…
Why am I sad
When all I want to be is happy…

The blinking neon lights of the city
The deafening silence of the night
The unheard cries of millions
They all seek happiness…

Happiness --- the sweetness of the soul
The purity of the heart…
The ability to buy
What is true happiness?

I walk alone in the crowded street
Crashing through life like a blundering madman
Running…in the unending futile search
Trying to bring back home, a pinch of happiness

The drudgery of life is unbearable…
Yet I stop to admire the wildflower by the road
I get out of home dejected, yet I look forward to getting back
Is this happiness?

Life, they say, is unfair
Grief, they say, is what we are surrounded by
Hope, they say, is a fool’s paradise
But I am in pursuit of happiness…

The bleak skyline still stares back
The everyday life still stings
The heart still cries for you…
Yet I am in pursuit of happiness…and I may find it still…

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Idle Statements

Have you ever asked yourself a question…
Have you ever searched for someone in the clouds?
Have you ever sought a meaning in your incoherent dreams?
Have you ever glanced into her deep eyes…

Do you ever wonder why white flowers blossom in the black night?
Do you ever ask why we adjust to corruption?
Do you ever write a poem when you want to run away?
Do you ever tell her that you still love her…

These are idle statements…
Made to the skies…
Do not think about them a lot…
Just let them whirl in space for a while…then fade

Why did you compromise on your dreams?
Why did you sacrifice your love?
Why did you bet your life…
Why did you let her go…

Is your desire to live still with you…
Is your dream of making a difference still there?
Is it right to always choke the tears?
Is she still there where you left her…

These are idle statements…
Made to myself…
I do not have time to think about them…
So I’ll let them be for a while…then fade

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Colour Of Light

What is the colour of light?
An innocent question asked by a blind girl
Left me flustered…
Really…what is the colour of light?

Black is the colour of light
Black as the blind boy sees it
Red is the colour of light
Red as the war-torn country sees it

Blue is the colour of light
Blue as the couple in love sees it
Green is the colour of light
Green as Wordsworth saw it

O’ the myriad genius
Light…you surround us
You are omnipresent
You are present even in darkness

Light is the colour of hope
Light is the colour of a pledge
Light is the new beginning after a beginning’s end
The colour of light is the colour of life

How do I explain all this to you?
How do I tell you that we are all blind…
I have no answers…’coz you can at least feel
I am numb

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bon Voyage Friend

What do you seek…
Freedom…from what?
Why do you ask it from me?
Who am I to grant you that wish?

You were the water,
That flowed over me…
You were the wind
That I could not imprison…

I loved your freshness
You gave me a new life
I loved your spirit
You touched my soul

O’ the ever elusive nymph
You were never mine…
So then why
Why do you ask me to let you go?

Today, as you embark on a journey
You ask me to cut you loose
But I did not bind you…
Yet I let you go…

I free you…
From the deep bonds that you want to sever
I will fulfill this last wish of yours…
I pray my dreams be the wind of your sails…

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Rendezvous With Me

Today, I looked back
For an unknown reason
Feeling a long-forgotten excitement,
I turned to look back.

In an amazing rendezvous
I met myself…the past me
I met someone whom I had left behind
I met my Childhood

The colours warmed my eyes
The carefree laughter touched my soul
I travelled the happiest moments with him
I relived my past.

I wanted to bid him adieu
I wanted to end it on a happy note
I looked forward to bringing back some colours
From the past into my grey life

He stopped me…
He looked at me with pity…and disgust
He laughed at me
He was scared of me…he started to run

I caught up with him…asking him why
He said-----You are a murderer
I trusted you to colour my dreams…
You killed them…you painted them grey

O’ how could I answer his childish innocence?
How could I look myself in the eye?
But, the child showed me how…he lent me his colours
He asked me to remember him… when I go back…

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last Night

Last night

I could not sleep

I kept staring at the fan…

With empty eyes

Last night

I could not forget…

I kept tossing in bed…

With helplessly open eyes

Last night

I couldn’t cry

No one heard my silent moans

Or felt the pain of dried tears

Last night

I died a coward’s death

’Coz I died…many a times

In every moment I lived

Last night

I could not find…

As I groped for you

In vain…In the darkness

O’ my love

Last night

Was a nightmare

Without you…

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Bite Of Darkness

Lights are out,

The walls are closing in…

I doubt…

If I can survive the demons within

Things I did

Have all fallen apart…

Now all it needs

Is the surrender of my soul

My eyes they water…

Yet I cannot sleep

’Coz I feel the bite of darkness

’Coz I hear the sound of its teeth.

I thought I loved you

Yet I harmed you like no one did

I told you I would come when you need…

But I failed…darkness stopped me.

I am afraid of the dark

Will you hold me?

I know I missed the mark…

Can you live with the shame of loving a coward?

What am I…a wretched parasite…

My words…like flecks of dust

Will soon be blown away to oblivion

Then once again darkness will engulf me.

Tonight, I want to rise

I want to fight a desperate battle

I want to come to you…

Walking on the red carpet of my blood

Wait for me with open arms…

I may need rest

Wait to welcome me with open arms

I may need courage…

I am bleeding inside

The darkness bites me

I am unhappy inside…

You are facing the demons without me.

I don’t know what to do…

My eyes they pain…

I need your arms to sleep…

But darkness is drawing me into its arms…

Maybe…I will sleep…

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hora de Muertes (Hour Of The Dead)

This is the hour of the dead,

Let us mortals stand and stare…

You may shake your head in despair…

But, beware…

This is the hour of the dead.

Memories will come back,

The buried past will be disinterred…

Wounds will be reopened

Do you remember the lives of fire?

This is the hour of the dead

Stop running, face your fear

Look at your worst nightmare…

Things you left behind,

Things that you want to forget…

Will once again come and question you…

’Coz this is the hour of the dead

Is there something that makes you angry?

Is there something that makes you cry?

Is there something that kills you from inside?
Then you need to despair... ’coz beware

This is the hour of the dead.

Why O’ why did you herald this blackness?

I made you a part of me thinking you were light.

You stabbed me in a way…I cannot imagine

You brought back my long forgotten past

You brought back the hour of the dead

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Seeking You

Walking in a crowded street,

Languishing in my own emptiness…

Seeking the place, where I can meet

The ever elusive solace and peace in your caress…

Getting wet in the rains…

Standing under our favourite tree

When my tears mix with the heaven’s…

Then at last I feel free.

Loneliness gives me courage

The dreams we dreamt together direct me…

I want to get rid of the image

That I failed to hold on to you when you were here with me…

Time flows on, it never takes rest

I am tired after all this running, in spite of the inevitable end…

Still I give it my best

’Coz I know you are waiting at the bend…

Do not give up hope, wait for me

I will meet you, in the dawn of rejuvenated music

Do not reject me, wait for me

’Coz I will come seeking your forgiveness and love…

Friday, April 20, 2007

Timeless Glow

Why do you hide your face, O Moon?

Out of anger or shame?

Or are you tired of all the glory and fame?

Does the limelight warm you or burn you?

Do you still seek public attention or shun it?

O Moon, you have been admired always…

You have been seen as the epitome of beauty

You have inspired millions…

Are you tired of it all…

Do you want your private emotions to remain private?

Your life has been snatched away from you…

Moon, do you think it’s a fair bargain?

You ‘lost’ your life in pursuit of elusive glory

Is it fair……?

Is fame desirable?

Don’t you ever feel like sharing the emptiness…

Why are you so opaque, O Moon?

Why don’t you let someone see the real You…

Dark and Cold

Are you comfortable in reflected glory?

No matter how wonderful, please know

Your heart has become numb in the voids of time

Open up and you will find…

The peak is lonely…

Descend a little…

In that insignificant defeat lies greater victory

You must be tired…

Its time you go back to the shoulder

Of the One who is waiting for you.

Friday, April 13, 2007

La Preguntar (The Question)

The futile anger,

The incessant pain…

The anxious wait

The tears that flow in vain…

They all surround me,

Drowning me in the quagmire of despair

They all suffocate me

Pushing me down the abyss of grief

The faltering hand…

Slowly disappearing in the quicksand of time

Will someone grasp it…

Will someone pull me out?

I do not want to live as a floatsam

I do not want to breathe with deep sighs

I do not want to lose you…

I do not want to shake your belief…

Will you love me…like you used to?

Will you calm my anger with your smile?

Will you bring an end to my wait?

Will you kiss away my tears…my love?

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Hey God, you listening?

People think I am proud,

I think you are too fantastic to believe

But, I want to know what you think…

I do not believe in you O Almighty…

I laugh at your so-called ‘powers’

I have lost faith in your ‘justice’

And even though its ‘blasphemous’

I dare question your ways.

I have a God, my God…

The One who brings heaven down to earth for me

She loves me but…even though she tells me

I do not believe in your omnipresence.

I may have believed in you

Had you not been portrayed in my image

I do not trust my image…

It signifies all that I have lost faith in,

Maybe, O Saviour it may trouble you to know…

I do not idolize you.

I do not try to make others believe me…

I do not let others tell me what to believe

I am not humbled by your magnificence

Because I do not believe…

I know people think I am naïve

But, I think I am an atheist.

Are you angry with me?

You think it bothers me…

Or do you think I am scared?

I just want to be far from the madding crowd

And above all I want to be…

Far from the ‘hypocrisy’ of your divine self.


As time passes by me…

Laughing at my foolishness

As the endless wait…

Continues to be my sole companion

I look back

I look back…

To what had been…the beauty that

We were a part of

Time which has mocked me so many times

Seemed to have been smiling at me …then

I don’t know what to call this emptiness

I don’t know how to forsake the friendship of Loneliness.

I know what is Freedom…

But I don’t understand it…

I have been told that ‘this’ is Love

But I don’t realize it.

I have run very hard

I am panting…can I stop?

I miss being with you

Can I come back?

O Time! Why do you make a fool out of me?

These wishful thoughts

The hollow dreams

And the hopeless sighs…

Pathetic…you say

I say…maybe

I loved you…but it never reached you…

My messages were blown away by the wind.

The footprints I left for you to follow…

Are covered with sands of time

And as I wait…

Time mocks me.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Friend, I know the agony…

I feel the pain…

Friend, I know the fire is burning you

I see the rain

Friend, your heart is shattered

The shards are hurting me…

Friend, you shed the tears

But, they are drowning me…

Look at the long winding road ahead

Let nothing hold you back

Make love a very important part of life

But let it not overwhelm you

The grief is overwhelming

The sorrow, the constricted feeling

I know you are gasping

Come friend let me help you get fresh air

Get up

Its time you reclaimed your life

Its time you lived life for yourself

Friend its time you LIVE

The fire is good for you

It will leave you pure…

The rain is good for you

It will rejuvenate you…

And believe it friend, Sorrow is good for you

’coz then you will recognize Happiness.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Vent

I want to run away

Far…far from the madding crowd

I want to listen to those winds,

Which do not carry the sneer of ‘friends’

I want to awake in a ‘new’ dawn.

What is right…what is wrong

I do not know

All I know is…I am tired,

I need to sleep

I need to breathe

Can’t I find peace in anywhere other than Death’s embrace?

Can’t I live anywhere other than ‘civilization’?

I am ashamed of being a human…

I am ashamed of living among hypocrites

I am irritated seeing masks.

What went wrong…

Where did I fail?

I beg you, do not take the life out of me

Let me learn and realize life…myself

Stop dictating me

Let me decide when to start…and when to STOP.

Let me live…in peace

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Do you know why I love you?

Is it your smile…

Is it the depth of your eyes…

Is it your innocent words…

Or is it your restless silence…

Please tell me why I love you…

Deep down in the abyss of time

I have seen you in different forms.

I have felt your essence in different people

No matter whom I perceived…I have always loved YOU.

We met every time we were born…

And every moment of which, my love…

We celebrated life together.

I know we will meet again

I might be the tired traveler…

And you…the rejuvenated spirit

But I know, someday, I will drink you in again,

I have adored you and worshipped our love.

Come back to me…as the one

Embodiment of the image, I have come to love

I know I failed…many a times

I know you forgave me every time

’Coz you loved me with all your heart.

Will you give me another chance?

I want to breathe you into my senses yet again

It has been raining endlessly…

The rain soaked earth reminds me of your fragrance

Remember the first time I looked at your eyes

Remember the first time I kissed you

Remember the passion…Do you feel it still?

But I have lost you…again in the ‘smoke’

Please come back to me

’Coz I want to know why I love you…