Sunday, May 10, 2009


Can you let go…
Of the umbrellas
Or the mad scramble
For shelter or the closest exit

Are you afraid to follow…
What maybe a mirage
Or your journey to the jungle
Where freedom awaits…

Again, freedom…
Well, a forgotten idea…
Imagined and smelt
An instinct from when we lived in the world…

Will you take the journey…
With me to unlock
What maybe an illusion
Or discovery of where you belong

Ultimately, it’s your choice
But it is my time
To give you the chance
To discover freedom

And, as you smell rain
A man among the animals
You know, it all boils down to the instinct
Of self-preservation and family bondings.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Adieu Tilottama

As, I flow along the sticky banks of life…
Memories try to cling on to me…
But, the only one I remember
Is the only one who never asked...

And, as I drink tea
In this deserted station…
I think of you
And all that will stay behind…

All I remember…
Is the music that was never played.
Irony, it is that I find your soul
In this moment of departure

Yet, I treasure it as my identity
As, perhaps you will remember me
Like the millions who left before me
Silent soul mate of my firsts…adieu Tilottama.

Monday, May 4, 2009

And Rains Came

Flying bits of memories
That got stuck on my windshield
While I rushed past
On the highway to dreams

And, the taste of coffee
And the acrid smell of cheap smoke
Invigorated my senses
As, I turned away from fantasies.

And, the storm came with the prelude to rain
As, the city heaved a sigh of relief
And, the wind howled
While grey ruled the eternal canvas…

I stood.
Watched. Smiled. Cried.
Then, closed my windows…
And, rains came.