Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Touch Me Not

“I have a phobia that someone’s always there”
------ Iron Maiden (Fear of The Dark)

In my desperate search for freedom
In my futile search for loneliness
In an aborted attempt of escaping civilization
I always find you my guardian angel
O! Why don’t you just leave me…

Your presence triggers vengeful hatred
Bitter spleen… at being cuddled
Stop holding me…
Its time I walked alone
Please just go…

You never let me breathe
Give me back my space…
I always feel you there
Your stench makes me sick
Why don’t you let me live?

I am down on my knees
Let me sleep…
Loosen the noose of love
Give me a few precious moments of loneliness
Let me fall…Let pain bring me back to life.

Inspired by the artwork of Lois Cordelia(Picture of the same name as poem).An artist who never ceases to amaze me...another of her work which forced me to create something unworthy yet a token of my respect towards her genius. Please visit her site to see for yourself.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I did not want to wake up today morning…
Feeling suddenly rebellious…
Wanting to throw away the peace of known restlessness
The comfort of accustomed hurry…

Yet there was no time for such wishes…
A lot had to be done and
I was stuck in a life…
I wondered where was I free…

Time refused to acknowledge my presence…
Marching ahead as obstinate as ever…
Trampling me like many others before me…
Who dared assume it could dictate him

Yet I did not want to wake up today morning
I wanted to laze and feel like the master of my own fate
In the deliberate extra minutes in bed...
Or maybe...I never wanted to wake up...

Sunday, March 2, 2008


When music decides to flow
Crystallizing the momentous emotions
To honour those silent teardrops
To fill the empty pages of life…

Reverberating through the mindless void
Shattering frozen belief
Rejuvenating dead hope
To give meaning to the journey of the soul

Surrounding the very universe…
Hitting our very being…
Heightening our senses
To give solace to the wounded flesh

I bow in acknowledgement
As it encompasses and fills me
As it heralds winds of change
To make me aware that I am alive…

Hope You Understand

If you want…
I can be the storm
Powerful in its silence
Majestic in its magnificence

If you need
I can be the earth
Calm in its vastness
Fiery in its turbulence

Yet if you crave
I can’t come back
Even if you ask
I won’t turn back

If you look
I’ll always be there
If you feel
I will always love you

But I can’t hold you
If you fall
...I cannot breakdown
The unbreachable wall