Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Homecoming

I have woken up while the dawn is still dark
The night engaged in the last desperate battle with light
I can’t see you, yet I feel your presence
You are coming home …at last

I remember, as if it was yesterday
The silent parting of ways…
Not a word was spoken…yet so much was said
The eyes still speak…will you understand them?

Its been a long time, my love
Long has been the wait…
I have stumbled and slipped…but never fell
’coz deep down inside I felt your touch…

You come to me at last…
Returning from the unknown quest…
What did you get?
Did you find a substitute…for my love?

Yes, it is the homecoming
My lover returns from a distant land…
But is it really my love returning?
Who knows, after all… long has been the wait


tripti said...

the homecoming.....
wt to write
ritz is such a polishd writer(i bliv)
he expresses wid such intensity dt ny1 can relate themselves with the emotions the tries to portray thru his writings
i bliv he can vry wel b 1 among d gr8st writers in India n evn world(kuch jyada to nai hua na?)
bt ritz itz so wonderful 2 read each creation of urs
itz so vry fresh and lovely to read d poem
ritz-----------go ahead yaar
u r 1 of d refined writer i hv seen
carry on wid d gud work
n bst of luk

Apeksha said...

hm...its very thoughtful.....an essence of uncertainty...which we all hav in life....ur touch n glow of reality is very subtle...its nice...u can actually feel d anticipation aftr a long wait fr something that uve desired deeply....lovely verses....keep writing dada

Anonymous said...

You proved once again that when someone or something is unpredictable the impact is always more...You are starting to get deeper and myterious too.. just like your love. Wish to see your pen expressing more and more aspects of your sensitive soul.