Friday, August 17, 2007


The wind’s tireless hide and seek in my hair
My incessant struggle to overcome my fear
The hidden truth
And remorseless mirth
They are all rolled into one

Entering the chamber of unbound silence
Feeling…or is it remembering a subtle presence…
The tingle, the palpitating heart
Looking to fit into the jigsaw puzzle the last missing part
They all come together

Growing up into a flightless bird
No one warned me life’s so hard
It’s the untold story of the want
It’s the unclaimed victory of the age-old chant
They all combined

Take all together
And throw in a life…
It’s me that we meet
Shamefully selfish yet human
Living with a dignity demanded…seldom given

1 comment:

Apeksha said...

hmm.....its one of your most thought provoking poems can exhaust anyone's thinking n feeling power by the depth of your words....its like...cant say improving coz u never needed improvement...its like adding more shine n glow to the diamond....your style of putting the deepest of thoughts into the most powerful words...its just impeccable....lovely verses....keep writing