Monday, August 25, 2008

Brittle Sky

The heart grew heavy today.
Overcast skies. Drizzling rains.
Bittersweet nostalgia in the lackadaisical life-journey
A brief halt before pushing open the half shut door
Stepping in to find the fan turned off…yet turning in its inertia
You are inside…
I wondered why was I back…inertia?

The brittle sky breaks open…again
Why can’t I cry as easily?
But, no I don’t want to cry…
Before waking up from half-awake dreams
Before accepting that I have lost…yet again
The white freedom on the greydom is no longer a solace

The cry of anguish has lost itself in my throat
And I stare…The brittle sky breaks…again
I want to find you
In the prelude of tomorrow’s song
I want to ask you
Why you sentenced me to this weary fight…
How can I fight a shadow?

The rain grew heavier…outside…
I am still standing on the threshold of your house
Trying to push open…what was once your door
The door is gone…
But the void is more solid than any wall…
You are gone…and I’m back…inertia
The brittle sky keeps breaking.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


In the darkening skies
Of a cloudy Sunday afternoon
I lost you…to the clarity of thought
I sacrificed you…to the demands of reason

There was nothing I could do…
Yet, I do not plead innocence
For I saw your eyes
Your eyes which had faith…I would do justice…

I left you to the hounds of night
I abandoned you to the gutters
Yet you did not lose faith…
Only a veil of sadness passed your eyes

There was nothing I could do…damn you…
There was nothing anyone could do…
You had challenged society…
I couldn’t stand by you

You refused the abortion in the discreet nursing home
You refused reason…
I had to stand by it…
Yet you had faith…I would do justice…

Why don’t you blame me?
Scream…Curse and hurl accusations
I know I was guilty…but you chose to hide it
Thirty years later I realise why…silently you had branded me…a coward.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking For An Answer

Let there be an answer…
To the broken hearts
And the broken dreams
To the shattered lives
And the blood on the streets

Let there be an answer
To the worst in us
And the business of death
To the villainy called politics
And the burden called life

Let there be an answer
To the storm raging in every soul
And the dampened fire extinguished in fear
To the quietened spirit
And the battered morale

Let there be an answer
To human greatness
To the love of existence
To the right of life
To the passion of love

If there’s an answer
I would like to know it
If there’s an answer
I dare you, to show it.