Monday, March 26, 2007


Friend, I know the agony…

I feel the pain…

Friend, I know the fire is burning you

I see the rain

Friend, your heart is shattered

The shards are hurting me…

Friend, you shed the tears

But, they are drowning me…

Look at the long winding road ahead

Let nothing hold you back

Make love a very important part of life

But let it not overwhelm you

The grief is overwhelming

The sorrow, the constricted feeling

I know you are gasping

Come friend let me help you get fresh air

Get up

Its time you reclaimed your life

Its time you lived life for yourself

Friend its time you LIVE

The fire is good for you

It will leave you pure…

The rain is good for you

It will rejuvenate you…

And believe it friend, Sorrow is good for you

’coz then you will recognize Happiness.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Vent

I want to run away

Far…far from the madding crowd

I want to listen to those winds,

Which do not carry the sneer of ‘friends’

I want to awake in a ‘new’ dawn.

What is right…what is wrong

I do not know

All I know is…I am tired,

I need to sleep

I need to breathe

Can’t I find peace in anywhere other than Death’s embrace?

Can’t I live anywhere other than ‘civilization’?

I am ashamed of being a human…

I am ashamed of living among hypocrites

I am irritated seeing masks.

What went wrong…

Where did I fail?

I beg you, do not take the life out of me

Let me learn and realize life…myself

Stop dictating me

Let me decide when to start…and when to STOP.

Let me live…in peace

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Do you know why I love you?

Is it your smile…

Is it the depth of your eyes…

Is it your innocent words…

Or is it your restless silence…

Please tell me why I love you…

Deep down in the abyss of time

I have seen you in different forms.

I have felt your essence in different people

No matter whom I perceived…I have always loved YOU.

We met every time we were born…

And every moment of which, my love…

We celebrated life together.

I know we will meet again

I might be the tired traveler…

And you…the rejuvenated spirit

But I know, someday, I will drink you in again,

I have adored you and worshipped our love.

Come back to me…as the one

Embodiment of the image, I have come to love

I know I failed…many a times

I know you forgave me every time

’Coz you loved me with all your heart.

Will you give me another chance?

I want to breathe you into my senses yet again

It has been raining endlessly…

The rain soaked earth reminds me of your fragrance

Remember the first time I looked at your eyes

Remember the first time I kissed you

Remember the passion…Do you feel it still?

But I have lost you…again in the ‘smoke’

Please come back to me

’Coz I want to know why I love you…

Thursday, March 15, 2007

End of the Journey

There will be a day

When I will not watch the sunrise

There will be a day

When I will not breathe into you

There will be a day when I will not be there for you.

Promises have been broken…

Ties have been snapped

But somehow we are together

Joined in a bond so deep that it cannot be found

Will you miss me?

Me esparaste?

The day I am gone forever

Do not look back

The day I finish this brief stint of life

The day I go back to being dead

Please forget me

Because memories are too heavy for you to carry…

I have kissed your eyes

Will you kiss them when they are closed forever?

I have lived my part of life

Will you live the rest of my life for me?

The day I am dead, will you give me the greatest gift?

Will you give me the gift of your life…by living it?

You are the river of my life

I am the stone you collected on your way

We have had a long journey together

You must be tired, having carried me so far

You have bettered me in more ways than one

Here our journey ends, leave me on the shore

And move on to become the greater Sea.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Indomitable (Untamable)

“Man is born free but is chained everywhere”…is this the ultimate truth or is it just the statement of a compromise we have made with life? Is the wild, free spirit non-existent or just not found…

Somehow, I believe in the spirit of man… the wild, untamable…the spirit that does not bow to anyone, the master of its own will. Is it really an impossible dream to have such a spirit? We are only called ‘free’ but are we actually so? What is our definition of freedom…have we fulfilled the vision of freedom seen years back? As Oscar Wilde had said during war the strong make slaves of the weak and during peace the rich exploit the poor…its all the same. Why have we allowed ourselves to be pushed around, why do we have to compromise…always?

I know, you must by now have a hint of smile on your lips and must be nodding your head, pitying this young, foolish guy who asks too many questions…silly questions. I agree in the present scenario these questions appear foolish, but is the present scenario the ultimate…por que? “You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one...”

Not all spirits can be dominated, not everyone agrees to compromise. Let us not let the indomitable spirit die, let us not let the flame flicker out, don’t laugh at me because I ask ‘why’, ask yourselves why do you not ask the same question? This three letter word has changed the lives of millions. It has made men out of boys and shook many foundations. Do stop for a moment and ask yourselves ‘do we dare ask why

We are all satisfied in being drawing-room heroes and pacify our consciences by raising a storm over a teacup. Yes there are a lot of wrongs in this world, there are innumerable things that require redressal…but do we dare to take the initiative? If the answer is ‘no’ then please let us not be such hypocrites as to comment but not act.

A revolutionary leader once proclaimed, “You cannot dominate us”, can we honestly proclaim the same statement? Let us shed our self-imposed fetters, why is it so difficult? We are all spirited stallions, at least for once let us gallop, a full-blooded gallop outside the race courses in the open meadows…let us once again talk to the winds and let us once again race each other to the horizon and stop when we want to…

Let us free our spirits and in that endeavour let us rediscover ourselves…our wild, untamed selves.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My World

My eyes are open,

But I do not see

I strain my ears,

But I cannot hear

Love encompasses me,

But I do not feel

I am numb.

Lights are switched on

But it does not penetrate the fog

I throw stones in the water

But I cannot create a lasting ripple

I want to go on an unending voyage

But I end up collecting shells on the shore

I feel cold.

I want you to hold me,

But you are not there

I want to hold on to you,

But you slip through my fingers

I want to kiss you,

But I cannot find your lips in the darkness

I am lost.

You have freed me from my cage,

But I have forgotten to fly.

I want to see beyond you,

But you fill up my horizon.

You want me to move on,

But I have drowned in you.

I will always be there for you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tu Luz, Tu Sombra (Your Light, Your Shadow)

When the world looks at the sunrise,

I look at you,

I stare mesmerized at you,

I look at your light, your shadow.

As the day unfolds,

As I watch people hurting one another,

I miss you,

I miss looking at your light, your shadow.

Secrets and mysteries of an open page

You cannot see and now…

It feels there was no cloak

I bathed in the rain…bare and naked

For all who chose to see

As evening kisses the earth

I am tired,

Inhumanity of humans takes its toll on me

When I can’t see in the ‘smoke’ of development

I want you,

I want to bathe in your light, your shadow.

The cries are too loud

Will I follow them or them me?

The deafening quiet and the creepers…caress me

Oh! Let me sleep,

En tu luz, tu sombra.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Amor Asesino (Murderous Love)

Have you ever felt the stirring inside you?

Have you ever felt the upheaval of seven seas in your heart?

Have you ever dedicated your tears to someone?

Have you ever whispered a name without any reason?

Have you ever expected anyone to notice how you breathe?

Then my friend, prepare to meet Amor Asesino.

I used to play in her light,

I used to rest in her shadow.

I used to tell her…

Eres mia, mi bella.

The garden of my life

Blossomed into a cascade of fragnant stars when I met her

Then she left me…

I met Amor Asesino…

Murderous love, O Murderous love

Are you an illusion?

Or was my love an illusion?

Did I ever have someone?

Do we ever have someone?

Maybe we are all companions of Loneliness

But, O Murderous love

Why did you disillusion me so fast?

Why do you revel in my misery?

Have you ever seen glass break?

Have you ever seen those shards crushed under heavy boots?

My heart lies broken in a thousand pieces…

Mi bella, show me light that I may collect them

Amor asesino, love me…don’t mock me so

Amor asesino, O Amor asesino

I want to live…

I want to soar so high, that I can see Eternity

I want to love with all my heart.

I want to dream

When night stealthily steps in,

I want to spread the fragrance of friendship

So that you rest in peace, as I watch over you.

O Amor asesino, please release me

Why do you bind me?

Amor asesino, I do not blame you,

I do not fear you, I challenge you,

I maybe fallen but I am not defeated

I will rise again…I will pass through the fire

And rise naked and pure.

You are not my enemy

I pity you, you cannot break me

Take me on, O mighty Amor asesino

I will defeat you, ‘coz you are weak…

You are weak,’coz you do not have her

You are a weary old man

You can no longer scare me…do not challenge my love

Asi te veo, O Amor asesino

For sake of clarity:

  • Eres mia means You are mine
  • Mi bella means My love
  • Asi te veo means Thus I see you
  • Amor asesino means Murderous love

Friday, March 2, 2007

Fuego Humedecido (Dampened Fire)

Life loves Death, it endlessly journeys to meet it. A journey undertaken is seldom finished, a journey stumbled upon is given an ending. Why are we so fickle? We blunder through our lives like clumsy fools until one day the dampened fire within us is extinguished forever.

The wings of fire are clipped before one takes his first flight, the embers are doused before they have a chance to burn. Do we LIVE or EXIST? Life is a journey on an endless road towards its love and enroute we come across many crossroads, where we have to choose or do we? We only have an illusion of choice, what we come across in reality is a crossroad with No Entry signs on all roads except one. Why is the inner fire so unwanted? Why is dynamism, the hunger to prove oneself, the desire to change dismissed with disdain as mere frivolity?

Fuego Humedecido…the dampened fire is the order of the day, we have all become caged tigers. The power useless, the grace chained. But we have to stand up suddenly. We must burn together like matchsticks, even if for a short while let us mortals burn with all our glory.

Mi Alma (My Soul)

We all speak of our souls, our inner selves, ‘the real me’, ‘my soul’………..We the random selection of a humongous gene pool, a collection of organs… Why or what are we proud of? We talk of our inner consciousness but deep inside we still have strains of the murderous apes from whom we have descended from. When these traits come out in a human being, we are quick to condemn him as a psycho condemning him for “crimes against humanity”. If that is true my ‘soulful’ and conscious friends why do 95% of people like to read the news of murder, rape and other violent acts first? It is our nature – violence and the smell of blood attracts us. We are animals after all…and do animals have souls?

This returns me to my original question, I have made a 360 degree revolution (as usual), what is soul? Is it an organ…ectoplasm…the unique combination of genes…What? Few of the people who are reading this must be seething in anger by now. I, a puny mortal, is committing a blasphemy…I dare question the unquestionable, indestructible, eternally pure soul. Por que? why is soul so important? Is it just another excuse or rather escape routes we have devised for ourselves to avoid facing the truths of life, another mask to hide from our own desires which we think is wrong ?

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mis Besos ( My Kisses)

From the ashes you rose,

Like a phoenix in my life.

You made me believe…….

You picked me up,

And showed me life

Amor mio, mis besos

From the darkness you rose,

Like a beacon in my life.

You showed me the truth,

You breathed into me.

You convinced me to look up…once again.

You convinced me to trust… once again.

Amor mio, mis besos

From the infinite emptiness you rose

And filled up my life

When I was down and my sword lay broken…

You gave me a new sword to fight

When I was tired

You gave me a new lease of life with your laughter

Amor mio, mis besos

From the depths of despair you rose

And gave me hope

You rekindled the fire of life in me

You rejuvenated the spirit of life in me

You brought back love in my life.

My love, my kisses.