Saturday, March 21, 2009


Time came and passed me by…
And I watched her eyes
With the guilty pleasure of desiring
What was never mine…

And as the wind blew…
We took flight on eagle’s wings
Just for a short while
In the land of lonely dreams

Regrets, there are none
As the world brushes past me
And I run along…barely keeping up
Yet waiting for the promised summer

Somewhere in the restless slumber
You beckon me
Waiting for me to draw near
So that you can draw blood
And I let you…its better than my soledad.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A page from the Journal of a Soldier

Did I tell you “I love you”
Before I left you by the door,
Our baby in your arms?
Did I tell you that you are the best in me,
And the one you hold is the best gift…
I can’t remember
The sound of bullets don’t let me think.

Another day.
I have survived.
To see the next day
When my luck may finally run out...
As somebody else’s did today.
The blood made me puke
And I puked…as I shot one more down.

My love
Politics or policies I know not
I fight for the man next to me.
And you. And our cherub.
Orders have been given.
So we go on…
Into the night.

And one more falls.
No one’s a hero
All a fallen son.
But, then again, they are heroes
A forgotten star on some wall.
Yet I don’t give up…
I can't forget your face by the door.

I can’t remember how long it has been
Since, I saw you last…
These bullets don’t let me think straight
But, I fight.
The man next to me. You. And him.
Is all I remember now.
Tomorrow I go again…

So, remember to kiss him for me
And, give yourself a hug
I don't recall whether I said it before
So, I say it now
I love you and him.
And everyday’s fight is to survive
So that, I can see you.

Friday, March 6, 2009


The storm came silently
Almost apologetic
As if trying hard not to intrude
And…wreaked havoc.
So, came love.

And waking up in the aftermath
In the land of blue skies…
Pure and free
Silent, sparkling raindrops
Words graced me.

And, then there was life
Begging to be discovered
At that time,
When I reflected on a lonely bed…
Sick and confined.

And the cliché fell flat
As time refused to fly
And I went to sleep
For the storm to come.