Monday, September 14, 2009

Late Monsoons

Autumn retraces its steps
As yellow turns green again…
And, rolling landscapes seen through a speeding train
Helps me find a friend…

My soul clutches on to a new support
As, new rain meets the old tree
And, she surrenders herself
In a bid to finally be free

The moon-washed smoky verandah
Made dreamy after a couple of pegs
As, rains flood the floodgates
Of hidden pains…

We force time to march on…
While watching the lonely bulbul atop the windswept tree
And, feel the last strains of ektara
In, the vaults of lost memories

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love Revisited

Trying to make sense…
Of the hazy world without glasses
And, understanding that beauty is…
Because it’s ugly otherwise

The beckoning of the faraway horizon
And the memories of an old friend
Drawing me back to an old snap
Forgotten between yellow pages…

The flying lampposts…
And, the cold milestones
Reminds me of a solace
In my distant past

As, I write into the sunset
Of yet another dawn of love
I remember you…my rain
And, the paintings on the heaven above