Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flight of The Phoenix

Tenderness of love unbound
The exhilarating essence
The wild rush of a stampede of thousand mustangs
The drunk silence of the night

They left me raped, wounded my soul
The smell of a tremulous rose assaults my senses
A curse besmeared the golden words
And I was left alone

The black wings of a dark angel
The towering inferno in the mansion of love
Reprimanded for numerous mistakes
Slighted for every moment spent

Life’s taken a new meaning
Should I look forward to an unknown flight…
The pain of the crash still blinds my vision
Yet, I wish…I could fly

Futile Wishes

The transparent glass is now opaque
It’s hard to see the road ahead
Swirling mists have encompassed me
I am trapped in an airtight bubble

I am suffocated, frustrated and angry
The memory of your kisses burn my flesh
The longing of the warmth of your body
Makes me numb

I wish I knew what to do
I wish I knew the way out
But above all…desperately
I wish I had you back

Mistakes have been too many to count
Beautiful moments too few to mention
Yet I wish…
I could turn back time

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Colours On A Palette

Have you ever heard the story
Of the dried colours on a colourful palette
The story of promise broken
The story of falling from grace

I wish I could bring them alive…
To paint a butterfly’s dreams
To take flight on the rainbow highway
To give their shriveled lives a purpose

Do they ever wish…
To be part of someone’s masterpiece
To always bask in reflected glory…
What is their purpose

I wish there were odes written to them
Odes to life spent in being the wind beneath other’s wings
Forgotten and dried up…
Yet colourful in its anonymity…

Monday, February 4, 2008

A Journey…Interrupted but Continued

Woken up from the trance of love
Allow me to embrace the world as it is…
Let me feel the rhythm of life…
To discover what I lost but never realized

I seek to keep the pain with me
Just as a souvenir of the happier times
To experience the joy of success
To be the master of my own fate

Its been a long time since I felt the caress of your warmth
The joyride of my desires screeched to a halt
But, life, refuses to slacken its pace…
So, I keep up, the wound just a prickling scar of the past

I seek to undo the hopelessly complicated knot…
But, what is the fun, if life lies solved?
So, I leave it by…and move ahead…
Seeking to face the waves as they come…