Saturday, December 1, 2007

Protest 2 ( Protest or Make Way)

Did you feel the lances of rationality?
Are you a victim of the altar of society?
Are you stunned by the general notoriety?

Wake up and get used to this hypocrisy
The elaborate fa├žade we call democracy
The noose of the soulless hollow bureaucracy…

If you can’t adjust, too bad, make way
Or, maybe you want to face death and say…
If that’s what you want to do, please…please make them pay.


Apeksha said...,ofcourse is similar to the one before this coz it was intended to be...but its great...shows the intensity of your emotions...that's what makes your words so is the most apt way to start an awakening....your poems will sure create a stir in the society...its very good....keep writing


u personify ur thots!!!!!!!!!
give dem light!!!!!!!!!!
nd let every human being ponder before making a move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1