Sunday, April 1, 2007


Hey God, you listening?

People think I am proud,

I think you are too fantastic to believe

But, I want to know what you think…

I do not believe in you O Almighty…

I laugh at your so-called ‘powers’

I have lost faith in your ‘justice’

And even though its ‘blasphemous’

I dare question your ways.

I have a God, my God…

The One who brings heaven down to earth for me

She loves me but…even though she tells me

I do not believe in your omnipresence.

I may have believed in you

Had you not been portrayed in my image

I do not trust my image…

It signifies all that I have lost faith in,

Maybe, O Saviour it may trouble you to know…

I do not idolize you.

I do not try to make others believe me…

I do not let others tell me what to believe

I am not humbled by your magnificence

Because I do not believe…

I know people think I am naïve

But, I think I am an atheist.

Are you angry with me?

You think it bothers me…

Or do you think I am scared?

I just want to be far from the madding crowd

And above all I want to be…

Far from the ‘hypocrisy’ of your divine self.

1 comment:

Apeksha said...

it is written with the same strong thought provoking touch of yours....but my views are a bit too ill say just this much...keep writing!!