Monday, September 26, 2011


I watch the sea of life…
Break on the shores of eternity
And, I watch the endless parade…
Of lives without meaning

And, I cry…
Waiting, for the tears to be heard
While, I search for words
In the sunshine-less streets of the world

Somewhere, there is a saga
Of memories…and quicksand
Of forgotten words in dusty bylanes
Of stories untold

I bid adieu…I lose myself
To join the crowd, yet not be a part
To be torn apart…just to be whole again
Time it is…for being heard

I sing…the unsung songs
Carrying the voice of unheard throngs
I fly and fall…I flow and ebb…
With the hungry tides eating my soul

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Falling of a Star

The sleepless river beckons…
As, I watch from the sidelines
Her dark liaisons…
And, the scars of countless lovers

She stands bereft of the spotlight…
In the shadows…after an eternity
And, even in my arms…
She yearns to e free…

The lonely street lamps stand witness
To whispered secrets…behind the veil
To forgotten tears…
And, unknown streets

Adorned with the weight of time…
Practiced smile hiding the usual pain
Greeting the thousands waiting for her…she turns to me…
She has never been more lonely