Monday, August 6, 2007

The Kaiser

I tried to push my grief deep inside my heart
Found it too shallow
I delved deep to bring back her smile from my heart
Found it too deep

The heart…the pulsating darkness
The feeling of irreplaceable loss
Replaced by solace in grief
The heart’s tricks we fools trying to understand

Running about like lab mice suddenly set free
Lost in the running…purpose long since forgotten
We follow our needs…
Fooled by the hope of following our heart

It’s a game of emotions…
Heart the master con-artist
Generations have been destroyed by it
Yet its noble to follow it…


Apeksha said...

You've touched the very deepest of human know what...all I wanna do is ask, how do you do it??...I mean,being a human being...suffering from,going through the intensity of the feeling.....yet understanding it so well that you might never have had to think how to overcome them....its just,beyond normal imagination....dada,ur too great...keep writing

Arijita said...

ur absolutely right.we are fools..tryin to overcome what is inevitable!