Sunday, August 12, 2007


Stars shimmering in the night
Emphasizing the darkness around me
The mind levitating to a mindless numbness
Staring back at a stranger in the mirror

What is it that draws me back…
An unexplained desire to belong…
Face drawn with years of not caring
Yet a smile remembered in the buried past

What am I… an innocuous stranger
A flotsam drifting along with life
Alone in the jostling crowd
Darkness reflected in dead eyes

The haunting fragrance of the graveyard rose
The shade under a tombstone
The cold marble seat of someone’s bones
They are all part of me…or I a part of them…

Sometimes, I do not feel like a man
’Coz it’s been long since I shriveled up
Yet I exist…with a purpose?
In these dark nights, I think, while darkness encompasses me


Apeksha said...

mmm.....lots of dark reflection....well Ive stopped expecting positive now...but anyway,as a struggling poet's point of view, I like your language a lot....its very impressive,the way you put up things in such away that the reader can actually feel the poem n your words are a marvel...keep writing

Angel of Dreams said...

the pangs of existentialism!awesome.The futility of existence has been pondered upon beautifully..