Saturday, September 1, 2007


Crushed under heavy boots
The last remnants of my ideals
Broken by mistake…crushed by choice
Yet, I have no regrets

Your cold shoulder…but unfathomable love
And the taste of blood in my lips
Lingers on…in the air between us
The gap widened…the bridge lies broken

Snow settles on my eyebrows…
Is death ever peaceful?
All the children of the sun…
Do we ever choose sadness…yet why it comes?

Things have to be forgotten
But they stay on…forever in my mind
Your uncared for tears
Your unseen grief that mutilated your soul

I have loved with purity unbound
Yet I feel like an undeserver
I have given a lot…yet I want to give more
Here I apologize to my last hope…


Apeksha said...

hmm....well grey shades.....i wanna grow out of them.....but anyway your writing is nothing short of brilliance.....very few people can display wat they r through wat they write.....u are 1 of them....n i admire ur style for that.....i like your lavish usage of imagery....n ur words...they hit whr they hav to....keep writing

Tushar said...

u moved me
i think u understand pain too well
yet ur poem reflects tht u re too young to feel it.
keep writng as the lady before me said
u have miles to cover
God bless u