Monday, October 27, 2008

Lust for Eternity

We, of the golden sunsets
Are no longer the same…
The smell of rain
Hidden away in your warm breasts
Lost forever to the glittering skyline
In the dreamy silence of windswept rooftops

I have desired you, luscious one
Warmth and pain.
The distant night bathed in loneliness,
The tentative soul afraid of losing control.
A few eternities in a few handpicked moments
Is all I have left of you…
But I am greedy for a few eternities more.

I have missed you…
You, of the crystal sunsets
You of the enigmatic eyes…
And I have made you the Queen
So let’s dance…
To the rhythm of our nude embrace
And make eternity ours.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The pilgrimage of the blind alley
Where the dreamy poet
Coughs up blood
On the wall of some nondescript whorehouse
Wishing he was left in peace
To be in harmony with the beautiful madness of creation

Bathed in the crimson waters
Holding moonbeams in his hands
He looked up to the lucid chaos of his epiphany
Wishing he could share it with the immense night
Which she shared with him…in his arms
From where she had succeeded in escaping

She slept peacefully…Assured he held her close
In the utopian haven of his embrace
She slept in peace…
She slept forever…

His soul was not satisfied
That he had lost her
He still held her close…feeling her presence linger on…
In the safe haven of his embrace
Blaming himself for suffocating her…when he held too tightly
In the peaceful oasis of his heart, protected by his restless madness
He dreamt…