Sunday, April 1, 2007


As time passes by me…

Laughing at my foolishness

As the endless wait…

Continues to be my sole companion

I look back

I look back…

To what had been…the beauty that

We were a part of

Time which has mocked me so many times

Seemed to have been smiling at me …then

I don’t know what to call this emptiness

I don’t know how to forsake the friendship of Loneliness.

I know what is Freedom…

But I don’t understand it…

I have been told that ‘this’ is Love

But I don’t realize it.

I have run very hard

I am panting…can I stop?

I miss being with you

Can I come back?

O Time! Why do you make a fool out of me?

These wishful thoughts

The hollow dreams

And the hopeless sighs…

Pathetic…you say

I say…maybe

I loved you…but it never reached you…

My messages were blown away by the wind.

The footprints I left for you to follow…

Are covered with sands of time

And as I wait…

Time mocks me.


Apeksha said...

Hey the poem is gr8...thrs sumthing cynical bout it at sum points....d touch of sarcasm is vry professional..gr8 going

the transient twilight said...

"Nothing happens next; this is it."