Friday, February 20, 2009

By Candlelight

The ticking watch
Reminds me it’s late.
The match flares to light the candle…
The flickering flame
Of a nervous heart
And the darkness hidden in the heart of hearts

I take your hand.
As the shadows dance on the opposite wall,
We drown in a violent tide.
The blood rolls down its sides
And the pain is numbed
By the light

Your face rests lightly on my chest
As my fingers lose themselves in your hair.
And, we listen to a distant train
Ripping the night…
While the white sword
Promises to remain bright.

And, as our lips meet again…
I draw the strength from your tongue
And the candle flares up…
Before the final plunge into shadowy nothingness
We lock each other in the eternal embrace
As, the blanket of night watches over us.

Choosing To Live

The road bends beyond my sight
And I am stuck again…
The dangerous but irresistible pastime
Lures me to forget the ill-begotten pain
The sunlight peeks through…
While I wonder about the flight
Of a lonely eagle over the green mountain

The candlelight flickers…
And as I watch it burn out
I light a fire from the dying flames
And I choose again to take the road oft taken
Just to show it can be walked a different way
And I wish I could make all my mistakes all-over again
Just to get a chance to live through them.

I smoke on…
Till I burn my lips
And as the remnants of the smoke swirl around
I keep driving…
On the endless road to ecstasy
And the old music
Presents a new escape

I finally move the stone
From a rotting sorrow
Letting the sunshine wash my tears away
I await salvation…
On the unnamed street
In the sweaty room
Of a faceless prostitute called life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Walk Back

The sun hiding from
the blaze of your naked beauty.
The heat dimmed
in respect to your passion
My-‘self’ long lost
somewhere in the shelter of your breasts
I am finally coming home.

The buried yet remembered sins
call for the final reckoning.
And shards of broken dreams light up my way,
as I walk back to a crossroad left behind
I love to see you as my final destination,
somewhere in the lap of forgotten times,
Waiting…forgiving…encompassing me in an all powerful fire.

A full circle has been run,
and I return home.
To the place where you won my blood,
the battle…lost before the first rumble of war
yet, fought to win the right of your nakedness
and…then, deserted in pursuit of an unknown fear.
A choice wrongly made…and I turn back
to the crossroad that stole my home.
Wait…please, do wait…am coming home.