Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Useless Dreams

I watch a slice of the sky
Through the small window of my room
Crippled by a helplessly drunk driver
Yet I dream of flying in the blue sky

I stare out at the street
Eagerly looking for the familiar car of my son
Dumped in an old-age home by him
Yet I dream of going back…he coming to fetch me

I patiently wait
Anticipating the one call, that will never come
She has gone far…far away
Yet I dream of her coming to me

I slog harder everyday…trying to earn more
To pay for the treatment of my wife’s blood cancer
She will leave me forever…soon
Yet I dream of conquering the black disease

What is the use of such dreams?
Why do we want to lose ourselves in vain hopes…
Is this a life…where the sole thing we hold on to…
Is a lie…A useless dream…


HONEYBEE said...

you're a genious as far as writing is concerned, and I don't deserve to comment at all. I can say just one thing brother, don't ever stop writing, you'll disappoint all your fans if you do

Apeksha said...

its a very beautiful poem dada...strikes a heart provoking chord....but thrs one lil thing i wanna contradict...dreaming is essential...n i can never bliv that hopes can be useless.....hope is wat the world is based on dada...u said ur a supporter of pandora's box?but do you know,the only thing strong enough to conquer all dat escaped frm d box was hope?its wat keeps us alive...keep hoping sumthing wil happen...n it wil..hope lives n hope triumphs dada..neway really lovely...keep writing!

Arijita said...

tats so true.ritayan!kudos!