Thursday, December 27, 2007

If You Can

If you can believe…lets take flight
Overcome our boundaries
Forget what could have been better
And together explore the azure infinity

If you can trust…come hold my hand
Let’s take a walk along the forgotten pathways…
Leave behind our footprints in the age old dust
And together welcome the new dawn

If you can fight…lets snatch immortality
Be larger than life in this petty rat race
Survive like a lighthouse through the storm of time
And together force our demons to see defeat…

If you can love…come lets spread it
Bring a smile on those parched lips…
A healing touch to those in pain
And together carry forward the torch of humanity

Is it asking for too much…
From the only rational animal
If you can…please make it true
And together all of us lets say…we can.

Monday, December 10, 2007


The narrow by-lanes of my memory beckon…
Asking me to forget the fetters of time
And lose myself in the idle reminiscence
Of the day when I watched you dance in the rain

The silent mansions of my memory call…
Urging me to knock once again on the forgotten doors
To call on you and say
Hello, I’ve come again…

The peaceful graveyard of my memory seduces…
Tempting me to exhume the phantoms
Of a dark past
Luring me back to the nightmares I left behind

My old friend, my memory waits…
His all-knowing patience angers me…
He knows I’ll keep coming back
To meet him forever and a day

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Waiting For Life

Life’s strange and I am just trying to be a stranger
Love’s blind and I am just blinded…
The walk through the faceless multitude
A life spent…in counting down countless countdowns

The anticipation of numerous sunrises
New beginnings and harrowing ends
What is the purpose…
Of the time spent?

The beauty defined by mortal eyes
Emotions auctioned in the dark streets
When all is in turmoil…
It’s only you who can make me still

The oasis of the deserted world
The eternal beauty of sleep
I wish the mystery of death is never solved
It will make life boring…

Here lies my soul
In anticipation of your kiss
My words echoing through the empty heart…
Begging you to come before I become a part of the mad world…

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Protest 2 ( Protest or Make Way)

Did you feel the lances of rationality?
Are you a victim of the altar of society?
Are you stunned by the general notoriety?

Wake up and get used to this hypocrisy
The elaborate fa├žade we call democracy
The noose of the soulless hollow bureaucracy…

If you can’t adjust, too bad, make way
Or, maybe you want to face death and say…
If that’s what you want to do, please…please make them pay.