Friday, April 13, 2007

La Preguntar (The Question)

The futile anger,

The incessant pain…

The anxious wait

The tears that flow in vain…

They all surround me,

Drowning me in the quagmire of despair

They all suffocate me

Pushing me down the abyss of grief

The faltering hand…

Slowly disappearing in the quicksand of time

Will someone grasp it…

Will someone pull me out?

I do not want to live as a floatsam

I do not want to breathe with deep sighs

I do not want to lose you…

I do not want to shake your belief…

Will you love me…like you used to?

Will you calm my anger with your smile?

Will you bring an end to my wait?

Will you kiss away my tears…my love?


Apeksha said...

lovely vocab....its touchy...keep writing:)

HONEYBEE said...

"I do not want to lose you…
I do not want to shake your belief…

Does the questioneer not know the answer to his questions? Did he not know what to expect from life...then why does he ponder and sigh? Why not wake up to reality and live the present moment?

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift
That's why we call it Present.

Thanks for that vocab-enriched poem. You're a really fine artist. But I would rather if it had never been written!