Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ashes and Grey

The arrival of rain…
Greeted by a poignant departure
Of a stumbling madman
Who dared to live…

Born again to eternity
Embracing the pure black
But…again, he is just one more hero
In a world that doesn’t care

The fire keeps on burning
As, men become food for worms
And ashes are all that is left
As elements embrace us

It is hard to bid adieu…
More so to a friend
Yet, I bury you my soul…
Waiting for an answer


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Flight

The idle breeze teases me
As, I walk down the narrow lane
And the green canopy
Gently protects me from the sun.

And, I brush away my dreams
While running away from reality
Looking for the vaccum
Of my self

Lunacy is what I have
An armor against the world’s sanity
Yet the fear…
Of anticipating a new beginning

I do not seek the forward step
Yet, it has to be taken…
So, the bated breath preparation continues…
To fly out of the cocoon.