Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Why do I tend to sink…
When all I have learnt is to stay afloat…
Why am I sad
When all I want to be is happy…

The blinking neon lights of the city
The deafening silence of the night
The unheard cries of millions
They all seek happiness…

Happiness --- the sweetness of the soul
The purity of the heart…
The ability to buy
What is true happiness?

I walk alone in the crowded street
Crashing through life like a blundering madman
Running…in the unending futile search
Trying to bring back home, a pinch of happiness

The drudgery of life is unbearable…
Yet I stop to admire the wildflower by the road
I get out of home dejected, yet I look forward to getting back
Is this happiness?

Life, they say, is unfair
Grief, they say, is what we are surrounded by
Hope, they say, is a fool’s paradise
But I am in pursuit of happiness…

The bleak skyline still stares back
The everyday life still stings
The heart still cries for you…
Yet I am in pursuit of happiness…and I may find it still…


Apeksha said... you are with another beautiful set of verses....the feel of the poem has its own charm....i like the way you gradually shift from a generalized picture to a personalized one....pursuit of happiness....thats what every human being is've touched the essence of the emotion gracefully....really lovely poem dada...n ya..."professionally written" as i always say....keep writing!!

Ranjabati (ranja) said...

cool one bro.....every1's gotta find some personal similarity of feelings in some verse or the other, coz itz happiness tht we're all matter we admit it or not! in a nutshell....."itz beautifully written".....but wat i liked the most, is the concluding part of the poem.
so i'm all-smiles again at yet another succesful endevour.jus keep tht up !
hopin' 2 get some more frm ya !

G@gz said...

well...u are coming with better works just speechless...keep up d good work bro....its lovely...u just bring out dose buried emotions through your words...keep up the good work

HONEYBEE said...

the confusing war of despair and hope... I hate the way your poems make me feel sad and defeated, especially w.r.t fulfilling the demands of friendship...but I guess that's where the poet in you succeeds...if you can make a reader emote in the way you do...Kudos brother, I can at least guarantee that I'll reread your poems, even in spite of myself.
keep writing.
you words are mightier than you think.

partha said...

Life is much bigger than individual happiness and sorrow.
Why This young poet does not bother about the universal problems of the present citycentric Society ??

Angel of Dreams said...

Some questions never do have an answer.they are rhetorics.its never actually possible to express exactly what you feel..but hese "vain attempts"as you call them are fantabulous!

kadhambari said...

All of us feel, all of us think but very few of us have d power to communicate.u put thoughts so beautifully in words dat dey seem so simple.ultimate beauty:
"Life dey say is unfair
Grief dey say is what we are surrounded by
Hope dey say is a fool's paradise
But i m in pursuit of happiness".