Saturday, November 17, 2007

To The Other Side

The cold nozzle of the gun
Heralded the dawn
Walking on the blood-soiled roads
They walked home

In the anguish of the multitude
Stood a forlorn lover
The stench of her burnt flesh
Fresh in his memory

The nightmarish nights and the dark days
The constant push towards the edge
The hate, the impotent anger, the lost pride
Made him a hollow shell

Fear the wrath of the lonely lover
Fear the sighs of hollowed hearts
Today I am dead for you…
But beware the kiss of a rose…


Apeksha said...

another poem of yours which is too beautiful for words.....a few lines of yours encompass a complete world altogether....a world of your own...with your magnificent have the beauty of portraying even violence with subtlety....i love your style of writing...i mean,every time i read your poems n say "this is the best", you strive to prove me wrong....keep writing

Dev............... said...

anothr of d grt works from d pen of this marvellous writer .........well not a writer probably a painter .... the only diffrnc is he has taken up words o paint d colours instead of a paintbrush ........ i can nvr try 2 comment on u ..bcoz i don find myself capable of all jus anothr faboulus creation from a genius ..... keep goin frnd !!!!!!!! hail u !!!