Saturday, May 26, 2007

Colour Of Light

What is the colour of light?
An innocent question asked by a blind girl
Left me flustered…
Really…what is the colour of light?

Black is the colour of light
Black as the blind boy sees it
Red is the colour of light
Red as the war-torn country sees it

Blue is the colour of light
Blue as the couple in love sees it
Green is the colour of light
Green as Wordsworth saw it

O’ the myriad genius
Light…you surround us
You are omnipresent
You are present even in darkness

Light is the colour of hope
Light is the colour of a pledge
Light is the new beginning after a beginning’s end
The colour of light is the colour of life

How do I explain all this to you?
How do I tell you that we are all blind…
I have no answers…’coz you can at least feel
I am numb


HONEYBEE said...

nice poem ritz.. but lemme let u know something, I dont know how this happened but a few days back I wrote a bengali poem v-e-r-y similar to this one in meaning. the poem is still incomplete and in need of finishing touches...(actually i dunno if I'll put it up at all) the only diff i found was that it talks of 'swapner rong...' and gives a miss to the flicker of hope i saw in yr poem!

btw, I really liked yr poem!!

Apeksha said...

Hey dada....another gr8 piece of ur brilliant work....uve actually added a few more colors this time....n lemme tell u...ur originality shines out here evn tho both of us hav read d poem based on similar lines....keep writing!!

Mona_SXC said...

ah such a brilliant work of poetry! truely magneficent! da composition evokes so many colours at a time...another of dis gr8 fellow's hallowed geniousness i suppose...keep it up!

Anirban said...

nice attempt to set free the gates of emotions, simultaneously refraining from saying too much...