Saturday, May 26, 2007

Colour Of Light

What is the colour of light?
An innocent question asked by a blind girl
Left me flustered…
Really…what is the colour of light?

Black is the colour of light
Black as the blind boy sees it
Red is the colour of light
Red as the war-torn country sees it

Blue is the colour of light
Blue as the couple in love sees it
Green is the colour of light
Green as Wordsworth saw it

O’ the myriad genius
Light…you surround us
You are omnipresent
You are present even in darkness

Light is the colour of hope
Light is the colour of a pledge
Light is the new beginning after a beginning’s end
The colour of light is the colour of life

How do I explain all this to you?
How do I tell you that we are all blind…
I have no answers…’coz you can at least feel
I am numb

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bon Voyage Friend

What do you seek…
Freedom…from what?
Why do you ask it from me?
Who am I to grant you that wish?

You were the water,
That flowed over me…
You were the wind
That I could not imprison…

I loved your freshness
You gave me a new life
I loved your spirit
You touched my soul

O’ the ever elusive nymph
You were never mine…
So then why
Why do you ask me to let you go?

Today, as you embark on a journey
You ask me to cut you loose
But I did not bind you…
Yet I let you go…

I free you…
From the deep bonds that you want to sever
I will fulfill this last wish of yours…
I pray my dreams be the wind of your sails…

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Rendezvous With Me

Today, I looked back
For an unknown reason
Feeling a long-forgotten excitement,
I turned to look back.

In an amazing rendezvous
I met myself…the past me
I met someone whom I had left behind
I met my Childhood

The colours warmed my eyes
The carefree laughter touched my soul
I travelled the happiest moments with him
I relived my past.

I wanted to bid him adieu
I wanted to end it on a happy note
I looked forward to bringing back some colours
From the past into my grey life

He stopped me…
He looked at me with pity…and disgust
He laughed at me
He was scared of me…he started to run

I caught up with him…asking him why
He said-----You are a murderer
I trusted you to colour my dreams…
You killed them…you painted them grey

O’ how could I answer his childish innocence?
How could I look myself in the eye?
But, the child showed me how…he lent me his colours
He asked me to remember him… when I go back…

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last Night

Last night

I could not sleep

I kept staring at the fan…

With empty eyes

Last night

I could not forget…

I kept tossing in bed…

With helplessly open eyes

Last night

I couldn’t cry

No one heard my silent moans

Or felt the pain of dried tears

Last night

I died a coward’s death

’Coz I died…many a times

In every moment I lived

Last night

I could not find…

As I groped for you

In vain…In the darkness

O’ my love

Last night

Was a nightmare

Without you…

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Bite Of Darkness

Lights are out,

The walls are closing in…

I doubt…

If I can survive the demons within

Things I did

Have all fallen apart…

Now all it needs

Is the surrender of my soul

My eyes they water…

Yet I cannot sleep

’Coz I feel the bite of darkness

’Coz I hear the sound of its teeth.

I thought I loved you

Yet I harmed you like no one did

I told you I would come when you need…

But I failed…darkness stopped me.

I am afraid of the dark

Will you hold me?

I know I missed the mark…

Can you live with the shame of loving a coward?

What am I…a wretched parasite…

My words…like flecks of dust

Will soon be blown away to oblivion

Then once again darkness will engulf me.

Tonight, I want to rise

I want to fight a desperate battle

I want to come to you…

Walking on the red carpet of my blood

Wait for me with open arms…

I may need rest

Wait to welcome me with open arms

I may need courage…

I am bleeding inside

The darkness bites me

I am unhappy inside…

You are facing the demons without me.

I don’t know what to do…

My eyes they pain…

I need your arms to sleep…

But darkness is drawing me into its arms…

Maybe…I will sleep…

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hora de Muertes (Hour Of The Dead)

This is the hour of the dead,

Let us mortals stand and stare…

You may shake your head in despair…

But, beware…

This is the hour of the dead.

Memories will come back,

The buried past will be disinterred…

Wounds will be reopened

Do you remember the lives of fire?

This is the hour of the dead

Stop running, face your fear

Look at your worst nightmare…

Things you left behind,

Things that you want to forget…

Will once again come and question you…

’Coz this is the hour of the dead

Is there something that makes you angry?

Is there something that makes you cry?

Is there something that kills you from inside?
Then you need to despair... ’coz beware

This is the hour of the dead.

Why O’ why did you herald this blackness?

I made you a part of me thinking you were light.

You stabbed me in a way…I cannot imagine

You brought back my long forgotten past

You brought back the hour of the dead