Friday, August 17, 2007

Try…Once Again

Don’t discard the wine glass with broken edges
It still holds wine
Don’t give up till you die
You still can live
It’s all about trying…once again

Shake of the yoke of gloom
Look ahead into the light piercing imminent doom
Standing alone in the multitude
Walking a different line
It’s all about trying…once again

Instead of seeing ahead, see now…
Instead of calculating what you get, count what you give
Instead of asking for caress, ask for courage
Instead of going around the hill, go over it
It’s all about trying…once again

Advices are empty words
They are as flimsy as the wind
As whimsical as the rain
They mean nothing…unless I try
As its all about trying…once again

1 comment:

Apeksha said...

At last you throw light on your view of the positive side of life....its great really....n more than anything,its the simplest n strongest truth...we all have to try....coz no matter what we have to achieve our goals....i like your ideas about really never can understand what each one of us goes through so giving advices....i dunno...i feel it is like building the ideal picture in vain....until n unless you dont place yourself or have not felt what the other person feels...your advice cannot be something that you would take had you been in that position.....i love the beauty of your words dada...keep writing