Sunday, October 28, 2007

Still Born

The unknown fear of a known devastation
The restless nights of the sleepless city
Spent in your memory…the silent groans
The pain that I cannot explain…

The red pestilence
Keeps thumping against this sleepless monster
How I wish it fell asleep
If only I could offer you a cold red carpet

How harsh, how cruel I have become
You gasp at my insolence
It’s a bad omen to hear dogs cry
Maybe that’s why you shun me…

In this world of wireless communication
I wish I could transcend these mortal fetters…to speak to you…
O’ what is the price
I wish I could buy our dead child some time

We gave birth…
I bore the labour pains as much as you
But you left me to feel
The pain of a still born…


Apeksha said...

its a complicated vision you have presented this needs to penetrate into the depths of your tend to increase the intensity of your verses steadily.....its a new style...although i still need to make out much of it....yet i like the vivid description of your ideas...keep writing

G@gz said...

another bomb to drop us dead from ritz end....... this piece of work.. deals with a complex idea.... a thought well put into writing.. keep up the good work