Monday, August 6, 2007

The Presence

Darkness descends all around
Even the fireflies have gone numb
In the silence of darkness
I hear your faint footfall.

After having an animated chat with you
I realize you are not there…
Like the wind…you have faded
And I’ve been left talking to myself

You make me feel like a fool
An unwanted stray dog
Granted left over crumbs of love
By a gratifying mistress

The wind through my hair
Threatens to reveal my dark thoughts to you
No matter how much I try to block you and hide
I remain an open page, which you read whenever you choose

You are the ultimate embodiment
Of the dream that was fulfilled
I am complete in your veins
And I breathe in your essence…


Apeksha said...

You feel through your words dada....n you make others do so are just too amazing for words...i luv the way you use a variety of expressions...people try to fill emotions in their words...but ur words are already filld with emotions....its like,you just need to present your emotions in an orderly manner wen you're great...keep writing

Arijita said...

keep writing!tats all i can say!

Angel of Dreams said...

I really love this poem.Its not only your hurt that comes through but also your helplessness:always hoping,never giving up,yet all broken.we all have our own fairytales,but happy endings are nowhere to me from the other side it may look perfect..but it actually is not.