Friday, August 21, 2009

No One's Watching

The sleeping face of eternal rest
And the finality of peace
When the sun’s ready to set

Everybody’s angry...
Every one’s sad...
And no one’s watching us tonight

And the sky mourns
As, it hides its stars
Behind a black blanket

And, I look up
When it’s raining again…
We are all alone…no one’s watching us tonight

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Man Inside

The quest for a smile
Has led me through a thousand tears
And at the end of alleys of love
Lay many-a-heartbreaks

Yet it is life
That inspired the dawn of new poems
And captured restless thoughts
Like a new fire in an old fireplace

The illusions enticed the dreamer
As he saw beyond the green
And lost himself in a world
That made him an outcast in this one…

But, he saw time
And felt it to be a time like no other
Stood still…
And like he is. The sea is. The sky is.

The man that should have been
Yet ain’t… The man inside
Whom I lost in my vain quest to belong
That always ended in trysts with loneliness

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Rain

I am drunk again…
High on the smell of wet earth
As the burnt earth
Rejuvenates and sways with promise of life

I look on and wait
To hide in the warmth of your breasts
While the sky celebrates
The timeless exultation of life

The solitary green bench…
Under the shade of gaunt trees
The lonely witness…
To the masterpiece on the eternal canvas

It is time again…
To dance as if no one’s watching
And live…
Even if no one cares

And all is set right…
As, rain washes away
All the accumulated tears
And pent up pain

So, I embrace you again, rain
My love and pain…
And I wait. Look up.
And walk on as my rain embraces me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out of a Window

The day melts into evening
Of a cloud filled day
And the trees wait
For another night

The lonely bird
Looks for a way back home
And, I watch…
From the impersonal window

Life flies by…
And the trees stand silent
The eternal listeners
Of troubled souls like mine

I wonder, what I seek…
As, I dream of flying
In the slice of sky that I see
From the cold window of my class

I remain the lonely wanderer
Of my hidden dreams
In the realm of my sky
Made mine through the impersonal window

And, as I move on…
This window stays open
And the evening embraces me
And I merge with the sky from my window

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reaching Out To Smoke

I drive along deserted roads
Music and the purring engine in my ears
As, I watch the black cloud covering the moon
I see the silver lining

And, on a rock-top
At the dead of night
I watch the skyline
Of a merciless city

Yet the shadows
Calm in their solidity
Reassured of existence
Soothes my frightened soul

Still I am rejected
Left out on a cold, dark, eternal night
As, I walk alone
Grappling with conflicting emotions

Frozen strands of time
As, rain comes back
As, if she can guess my mind
And, though I hate it…I find solace

Am tired of walking
Tired of wishing for something I do not want
Yet, deep down reaching out for smoke
I light the next cigarette