Thursday, August 2, 2007

Awakened By Rain

Walking down Park Street,
On a rainy Monday morning
Waterlogged…slippery… yet an unique appeal
A taste of forgotten life suddenly on my mind

The rushing city of booming economy
The air full of smoke of cigarettes and cars
Suddenly smelt sweet…
Kolkata, has been brought to a halt…

Rain’s adamant refusal to listen to the demands of globalization
The curses of technocrats notwithstanding
A subtle touch of nostalgia
A whiff of fragrant air…reminiscent of a buried past

Walking on that morning
I looked at the city of my love
Remembered her…admired her
Forced by Nature…glad that I did so…

Everyone thought I was crazy
Or maybe a KMC fan, trying to prove a point
Who cares…I was strolling…gliding by…
Wiping the mirror of my heart clean

I do not know why I took that walk
But, I enjoyed the water’s gentle caress
I reveled in the feeling of time stopping…
I realized with a rush of joy…I had not forgotten her

My rain, you brought everything to a stop
But I awoke in your presence…
Awoke to a beauty, I had forgotten existed
On the rainy day, when I walked down Park Street


Apeksha said...

dada...awesome personification....there's gonna be a day when im gonna run out of words to appreciate n praise ur powers...rite nw i ahv a few feeble words....i luv d way u phrase emotions....ur just so...sooo awesome...all i can say is keep writing so tht i can keep marvelling at u all my lyf...cheers!

Anonymous said...

nice openeing, lovely thoughts, reminiscence ; weird sense of kolkata ; very sepia; KMC isnt worth mention ; heavy it! (rain,,, a chick...weird bro, gotta digest that!)

Barsali says: Love Life..... said...

okay...i hv already run out of words....very few ppl have this unique power to make the readers experience a sense of deja vu on reading their works.... well, you are one lucky guy!!!!

Asmita said...

this happened to me- in bangalore tho....

yes, ppl cud stop and stare at the rain falling on the arched windows reminiscent of times gone by...the rain washing away the dirt and then the gleaming all looks so very picture perfect then......