Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mis Besos ( My Kisses)

From the ashes you rose,

Like a phoenix in my life.

You made me believe…….

You picked me up,

And showed me life

Amor mio, mis besos

From the darkness you rose,

Like a beacon in my life.

You showed me the truth,

You breathed into me.

You convinced me to look up…once again.

You convinced me to trust… once again.

Amor mio, mis besos

From the infinite emptiness you rose

And filled up my life

When I was down and my sword lay broken…

You gave me a new sword to fight

When I was tired

You gave me a new lease of life with your laughter

Amor mio, mis besos

From the depths of despair you rose

And gave me hope

You rekindled the fire of life in me

You rejuvenated the spirit of life in me

You brought back love in my life.

My love, my kisses.


HONEYBEE said...

from the depths of despair you rose and gave me hope...

Its like saying
"I cried a tear / You wiped it dry
I was confused / You cleared my mind
I sold my soul / You bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me."
The lyrics of "You Needed Me"-Anne Murray

Unselfishness or the opposite?

Ritz said...

thanks a lot for the lyrics of one of my favorite songs. interpret it as u like my frnd

tripti said...

d last line got messed up
plz understand d feel of it

Apeksha said...

hey lovely poem

Apeksha said...
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Apeksha said...

ok tht ws a really short comment i gave is beautiful as always...u hav so much of emotions in your words that sometimes i get the notion that you even feel n think in verses...keep writing dada!!