Thursday, March 15, 2007

End of the Journey

There will be a day

When I will not watch the sunrise

There will be a day

When I will not breathe into you

There will be a day when I will not be there for you.

Promises have been broken…

Ties have been snapped

But somehow we are together

Joined in a bond so deep that it cannot be found

Will you miss me?

Me esparaste?

The day I am gone forever

Do not look back

The day I finish this brief stint of life

The day I go back to being dead

Please forget me

Because memories are too heavy for you to carry…

I have kissed your eyes

Will you kiss them when they are closed forever?

I have lived my part of life

Will you live the rest of my life for me?

The day I am dead, will you give me the greatest gift?

Will you give me the gift of your life…by living it?

You are the river of my life

I am the stone you collected on your way

We have had a long journey together

You must be tired, having carried me so far

You have bettered me in more ways than one

Here our journey ends, leave me on the shore

And move on to become the greater Sea.


Enlightener said...

well u seem to searching for the eternal truth......Nirvana I guess!well cool blog...abhishek...visit mine ...links given..............

Apeksha said...

Hey this 1 is very beautiful....i lyk d way u add depth to ur poems...keep writing