Monday, March 5, 2007

Amor Asesino (Murderous Love)

Have you ever felt the stirring inside you?

Have you ever felt the upheaval of seven seas in your heart?

Have you ever dedicated your tears to someone?

Have you ever whispered a name without any reason?

Have you ever expected anyone to notice how you breathe?

Then my friend, prepare to meet Amor Asesino.

I used to play in her light,

I used to rest in her shadow.

I used to tell her…

Eres mia, mi bella.

The garden of my life

Blossomed into a cascade of fragnant stars when I met her

Then she left me…

I met Amor Asesino…

Murderous love, O Murderous love

Are you an illusion?

Or was my love an illusion?

Did I ever have someone?

Do we ever have someone?

Maybe we are all companions of Loneliness

But, O Murderous love

Why did you disillusion me so fast?

Why do you revel in my misery?

Have you ever seen glass break?

Have you ever seen those shards crushed under heavy boots?

My heart lies broken in a thousand pieces…

Mi bella, show me light that I may collect them

Amor asesino, love me…don’t mock me so

Amor asesino, O Amor asesino

I want to live…

I want to soar so high, that I can see Eternity

I want to love with all my heart.

I want to dream

When night stealthily steps in,

I want to spread the fragrance of friendship

So that you rest in peace, as I watch over you.

O Amor asesino, please release me

Why do you bind me?

Amor asesino, I do not blame you,

I do not fear you, I challenge you,

I maybe fallen but I am not defeated

I will rise again…I will pass through the fire

And rise naked and pure.

You are not my enemy

I pity you, you cannot break me

Take me on, O mighty Amor asesino

I will defeat you, ‘coz you are weak…

You are weak,’coz you do not have her

You are a weary old man

You can no longer scare me…do not challenge my love

Asi te veo, O Amor asesino

For sake of clarity:

  • Eres mia means You are mine
  • Mi bella means My love
  • Asi te veo means Thus I see you
  • Amor asesino means Murderous love

1 comment:

Apeksha said...

its beautiful n powerful with a grace....shows ur undaunting spirit...u have words in your favour dada....lovely work...keep writing!!!