Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tu Luz, Tu Sombra (Your Light, Your Shadow)

When the world looks at the sunrise,

I look at you,

I stare mesmerized at you,

I look at your light, your shadow.

As the day unfolds,

As I watch people hurting one another,

I miss you,

I miss looking at your light, your shadow.

Secrets and mysteries of an open page

You cannot see and now…

It feels there was no cloak

I bathed in the rain…bare and naked

For all who chose to see

As evening kisses the earth

I am tired,

Inhumanity of humans takes its toll on me

When I can’t see in the ‘smoke’ of development

I want you,

I want to bathe in your light, your shadow.

The cries are too loud

Will I follow them or them me?

The deafening quiet and the creepers…caress me

Oh! Let me sleep,

En tu luz, tu sombra.

1 comment:

Apeksha said...

dada...this is another gr8 piece of work....ur style is lovely....u use the most appropriate words....it givs a special beauty to ur poems...keep writing!!