Friday, March 2, 2007

Mi Alma (My Soul)

We all speak of our souls, our inner selves, ‘the real me’, ‘my soul’………..We the random selection of a humongous gene pool, a collection of organs… Why or what are we proud of? We talk of our inner consciousness but deep inside we still have strains of the murderous apes from whom we have descended from. When these traits come out in a human being, we are quick to condemn him as a psycho condemning him for “crimes against humanity”. If that is true my ‘soulful’ and conscious friends why do 95% of people like to read the news of murder, rape and other violent acts first? It is our nature – violence and the smell of blood attracts us. We are animals after all…and do animals have souls?

This returns me to my original question, I have made a 360 degree revolution (as usual), what is soul? Is it an organ…ectoplasm…the unique combination of genes…What? Few of the people who are reading this must be seething in anger by now. I, a puny mortal, is committing a blasphemy…I dare question the unquestionable, indestructible, eternally pure soul. Por que? why is soul so important? Is it just another excuse or rather escape routes we have devised for ourselves to avoid facing the truths of life, another mask to hide from our own desires which we think is wrong ?


Anonymous said...

Air, butterflies, sand, rainbow..... u see wats common? Oh I missed another one in the list - THE SOUL.
...the answer to your question.

Apeksha said...

a strong n daring question...a soul is important dada...coz ur soul is the god within you....ur soul is something that can never go is that which helps us to differentiate the right from do you make out whether a person is morally correct or wrong?how do u no when an animal attacks,it is an offence or defence?....evry living being has a soul....its this,which is ur untamable spirit...giv it way,n it can do wonders for u...kill it with ur hands, n ull hav an end full of with the soul is living like an is no physical part of your body....its nothing if u see it with rationale....its everything if u see it with ur heart...soul is every emotion dada...soul is love..soul is evrything...n thats y,soul is important...good question though...keep writing!!