Monday, February 26, 2007

Look Around You

When you’re down,
Look around you
Why do you think you are lonely?
Why do you think you are hurt?
Who are you angry with?You know you cannot be angry.
You know you love her.

Look around you
Learn to understand
Learn to see grief
Learn to feel…..

Sometimes you need to stop
Sometimes you need to look
Sometimes you need to love

Love which has no barriers
Love which has no definitions
Love which hurts but still is your greatest strength
Love which tells, you are not important she is,
Look around you fool, you love her.

Look around you, you are not lonely
Leave your anger, you know you will
Forget your wounds, you have to put balm on hers
Forget your needs, you have hers to fulfill
Forget yourself, rediscover yourself in her eyes

Look around you, she needs you
Or is it that you tell it to yourself, is it true?
Are you just comforting yourself?
Look around you, you haven’t got a raw deal


kriti said...

the poem is damn nice...tho its a bit too mushy for my taste..
this guy is one champ..he just sits there beside me in physics class and writes poetry..sumhow dat intolerable teacher gets his creative juices flowing.. :D

HONEYBEE said...

So you've removed the last personal touch! I don't know why you did it, though. Was it fright? Insecurity? Or was it just the demands of poetry that the 'I' is so prominent in its absense?

Ritz said...

u r one of my primary critics and i knw u read the first version of this............i removed the 'I' because somewhere down the line 'I' is lost in love 'WE' sets i thought of a more general u put it make 'I' prominebt in its absence

Apeksha said...

its lovely...very...what shall i say...humanly...the mixture of emotions you display...its so natural that it seems beautiful when penned down in such a graceful shape...keep writing!