Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hope You Understand

If you want…
I can be the storm
Powerful in its silence
Majestic in its magnificence

If you need
I can be the earth
Calm in its vastness
Fiery in its turbulence

Yet if you crave
I can’t come back
Even if you ask
I won’t turn back

If you look
I’ll always be there
If you feel
I will always love you

But I can’t hold you
If you fall
...I cannot breakdown
The unbreachable wall


Apeksha said...

Its good....coz it has the truth of human emotions involved in it....We can't be god....what makes us human is the very fact that we can feel in positive and negative ways....we need not do everything right all the time....we need not be has a touch of the feeling we get...when the heart desperately wants to go back....but conscience or lets say the mind,directs us towards something else....which the world calls right...even we do,sometimes....You know how to make people feel your poems...keep writing

Barsali says: Love Life..... said...

How well have you strung together words......the stream of thought yo uhave shown is just too sweet and serious at the same time.... superflous ideas and imagintaion has made the poem really special....

LoisCordelia said...

One of your best i think!

(I would personally only quibble with the word 'coz', as its colloquial spelling somehow spoils the otherwise elegant and refined flow of the language)

LoisCordelia said...

I can imagine this set to music.......

Have you ever had your poetry set to music?? Just a thought...

semanti said... gets another beautiful emotion from this verse