Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flight of The Phoenix

Tenderness of love unbound
The exhilarating essence
The wild rush of a stampede of thousand mustangs
The drunk silence of the night

They left me raped, wounded my soul
The smell of a tremulous rose assaults my senses
A curse besmeared the golden words
And I was left alone

The black wings of a dark angel
The towering inferno in the mansion of love
Reprimanded for numerous mistakes
Slighted for every moment spent

Life’s taken a new meaning
Should I look forward to an unknown flight…
The pain of the crash still blinds my vision
Yet, I wish…I could fly


Apeksha said...

hmmm....all happiness and all success lies in being reborn from the ashes like the phoenix....the desire to fly should never be allowed to die.....because it keeps us going on....striving for new limits for our limitless tolerance....its beautiful,your poetry.....n I'm sure to win the best fan award I tell you :D...Keep writing

sayantani said...

dey r all alive !retayan !dey al palpitatin !ur poetry is damn gd man!!KEEP UP!