Sunday, March 2, 2008


When music decides to flow
Crystallizing the momentous emotions
To honour those silent teardrops
To fill the empty pages of life…

Reverberating through the mindless void
Shattering frozen belief
Rejuvenating dead hope
To give meaning to the journey of the soul

Surrounding the very universe…
Hitting our very being…
Heightening our senses
To give solace to the wounded flesh

I bow in acknowledgement
As it encompasses and fills me
As it heralds winds of change
To make me aware that I am alive…


Apeksha said...

Its beautiful.....I had a belief that its impossible to capture the essence of music in words...but you have managed to do your always do....the imagery involved in describing how we feel about the music within and around us...its magnificent....I love your sense of imagination....This one shows how well you understand your language,the language of mind and soul....Its great...different from the trend you follow while writing....but of course,variety is the spice of life...keep writing

Asmita said...

i had written on music ages back ( 4th dec 2004) it goes as follows..

Composed of numerous elements
At times soothing
At times energising
To cheer you up during those bad days.

The tranquility of the sound,
The sweetness of its notes
The exquisite harmonies
Which make it delicate
But all the more charming..

'Cause its nothing but the sheer melody of life
Without which life itself would have been lacking, incomplete.
For after all its music,
Silence st its mysterious best
A beauty beyond all comprehension.