Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Tree

The moon smiles at the gnarled tree
Ugly with scars of forgotten battles

No one knows why it stands…
Braving the mockery of the winds
Hiding the pain in some dark corner of his wooden heart…

Hope has become the greatest curse for him
Sunshine its greatest enemy…it bares him for the world to see
Rain gives the final blow…the fatal mockery of someone he adored

Yet he stands…
Remembering the music rain played on its leaves
The shivers that arose when she encompassed him

Now he wishes some merciful axe-man
Would come his way…
But no one has time for a useless knotted tree…

So he stands…
With cruel reminders of a beautiful past
Is it pity he feels for himself ?



Arijita said...

your poems have this tinge of morbidity which is appealing but I often feel sad reading them you is not all that bad,ritayan.Write some thing cheery please once or are such a wonderful writer.

Apeksha said...

it is a lovely i said...beautiful personification....but what i have been observing is that you are centralizing pain n sadness for your poetry....i still say....use all the shades in your palate...but anyway...about this poem...just you idea of identifying yourself or for that matter,emoting yourself through a part of nature is one of your unique ways in itself...personally,i love writing n expressing myself through its wonderful,your imagination...keep writing

LoisCordelia said...

wow... i honestly am touched that you wrote one of your beautiful poems inspired by my artwork. i've never had that experience before, of someone adding words to an image i'd created (it's only ever been the other way around...!). no, really, the honour is definitely mine!!

how interesting and eye-opening to have an entirely fresh interpretation of the image...! ritz, you are in fine form, and your language is as rich and poignantly melodic as ever. i do agree with the previous comments that there is sometimes an almost overwhelming pessimism in your poetry, albeit expressed in the most beautiful terms! that is no criticism, simply (as above) a suggestion to maybe try writing something more life-affirming too occasionally.

for my own part, i want my own artwork to be life-affirming above all else. for that reason, i created the 'moon tree' image while listening to electrifying drum-n-bass music, because in my own view the tree may be intensely old and gnarled - like the old man with whom you equate the tree - and yet there should also be something vital, living and warm at its core... just a thought.

but i do love the poem!!

wish you every success,


Anonymous said...

i am not a great writer as u i am just doing to write wat i feel in very simple words.........
wen da world is against u and u r losing wat u have....u MUST walk wit ur head held high.....its difficult.but dats will never be da way we want it to we have to accept wat ever happens........and yes wit a smile(even wen tears r flowing down ur eyes)

Lucid Darkness said...

Like an old knotted tree
Standing forlorn and desolate
Sowing the seeds of rebellion, he stands,
And awaits an honourable death.

Beautiful metaphors!

Tellitlikeitis said...

'Remembering the music rain played on its leaves'... the imagery you create with your words is breath-taking

Happened to come across your blog and was compelled to stay and read on