Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking For An Answer

Let there be an answer…
To the broken hearts
And the broken dreams
To the shattered lives
And the blood on the streets

Let there be an answer
To the worst in us
And the business of death
To the villainy called politics
And the burden called life

Let there be an answer
To the storm raging in every soul
And the dampened fire extinguished in fear
To the quietened spirit
And the battered morale

Let there be an answer
To human greatness
To the love of existence
To the right of life
To the passion of love

If there’s an answer
I would like to know it
If there’s an answer
I dare you, to show it.


Apeksha said...

hmm...now would you believe me if i said that i was thinking of writing something on similar lines??? see....finally its proven...you're MY brother....its great....I love the words...the power...the echo of a demand for justice...to unanswered calls...i love the last line especially...its bold and it has a point to make...keep writing

Asmita said...

each word in this poem could make me think of only afghanistan...
dont know what u were thinking of when u penned this
but, there is no other image/ thought that comes to my mind except that of the various wars ( personal & political..not to mention that of destiny's smirks) being fought everyday by the people of afghanistan

LoisCordelia said...

Wow, this is really powerful. More of the same please!!!

Of course, being (I guess) more of an optimist than you are, I interpret this poem as a very positive demand for justice and meaning. Surely it is that very sense of anger and frustration that burns in us which will ultimately spur us on towards truly sublime achievements.

Yes, there IS an answer!!!

Asmita said...

i read the poem again…and this time I didn't once think of war ravaged countries like iraq or afghanistaan
I think I am in a more positive frame of mind since I posted a comment earlier ( 20th august)
Well..i am a lot more collected and composed now than then
We were discussing abt the diff perspectives that ppl have- that a poem can be visualised, felt in many ways……..am discussing another of such an image that I saw while reading it.
Infact I never remembered I thot of afghanistan earlier when I read it until I read the comment I had posted earlier.
But today, it was the terror unleashed in our land…our city, state..country everyday – images of that kept floating in my mind

Broken hearts…broken dreams ..shatterd lives– demise of a loved one ( the tsunami, flood, cyclones..the list in endless; by a calamity)
The blood on street just made me think of riots in gujarat,( godhra incident) blasts in ahm to mumbai blasts…and other such terrorist activites.

2nd verse – dirty politics making our lives haywire- singur issue for eg
Numerous ppl will be robbed of their livelihood if industrialisation eludes our state.
And then life is a burden for them most definitely….
The nandigram issue- the lives lost…it was treated like a business deal- so heartlessly…..but they never bothered to consider the equations of life and death ( which is always in inequalities!)

Of, course we have a storm in our heads now- to blast off cpm & mamata and any one in way of progress for the state….
But In most parts of wb( which is mostly oppressed ppl in the villages)
It's the fear ( of lotsa stuff) that keeps the storm under check..and as the storm keeps raging within us, we are tormented and hence battered by the end of it all ( tho I wonder, if it does ever end)

Thursday's child has far to go.... said...

Hey, how come I didn't spot this poem before??? Simple yet powerful....wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!