Thursday, February 14, 2008

Futile Wishes

The transparent glass is now opaque
It’s hard to see the road ahead
Swirling mists have encompassed me
I am trapped in an airtight bubble

I am suffocated, frustrated and angry
The memory of your kisses burn my flesh
The longing of the warmth of your body
Makes me numb

I wish I knew what to do
I wish I knew the way out
But above all…desperately
I wish I had you back

Mistakes have been too many to count
Beautiful moments too few to mention
Yet I wish…
I could turn back time

1 comment:

Apeksha said...

I...dunno what to comment.....Coz my views on turning back time can never be positive....I believe in letting past be history....Killing unreasonable wishes is what I've learnt from life...coz letting your emotions loose all the time makes you lose yourself in a whirlpool of emotions....which is the worst enemy of a pleasant future...or even a present....yet there is the gentleness of the innocent "why" in your poem....which makes me feel the poem..and your thoughts....its nice...keep writing