Monday, February 26, 2007


O Sailor, where do you go?
Who do you row for?
On the endless seas,
Towards the unreachable horizon
Where do you go?
Who do you row for?

With a steady unfaltering rhythm,
And a steely gaze
Where do you go?
Who do you row for?

Unhindered by the roaring storms
O Sailor, tell me the source of your life-force
On the island where no one goes,
O Sailor, will you take me there?
All alone you row on and on,
O Sailor, will you make me your companion?

White steeds of the Sea
Gallop forward to meet you
The Sun throws away the fetters of the night,
And sends Dawn to meet you
O Sailor, Nature loves you so,
Where do you go?

O Sailor, do you feel dwarfed by Nature?
Do you run away from civilization like me?
O Sailor, where do you go?
How do you row with the embers in your mind?
How do you row with decades of tears in your heart?
O Sailor, has anyone seen your pain?
O Sailor why are you so lonely?
All alone you row on and on
O Sailor, will you make me your companion?


the transient twilight said...

Umm...the idea is very nice-but...the structure n presentation, for this poem specially, might hv been more,let's say,deeper..makes sense?No offense intended though.

the transient twilight said...

tht was a grammatical error..just deeper...not more deeper...

genie said...

I get the point .... well, the question i .. are You the sailor .. or DO YOU want to be the sailor ....

Youve made it very simple and clear ... nothing subtle involved .. and yet i ask the above question ....


Ritz said...

genie i want to b the sailor's companion. one who is the dream peddlar for me.....i want to b on his boat as he sets sail.

tripti said...

itz a truth universally aknowledged dt our frnd ritayan is a gr8 writer, thinker n guide bt at times he is nt so gr8
bt after goin thru d blog, ritz i admit dt u r a gr8 philosopher bt try nt 2 alwayz b so sorrowful
i kno best poems speak of our saddest thoughts bt wid ur ability bst poetry can all b of happiness n gaiety

keep writin n ritz u hv xpressed ur slf really vry wonderfully

Apeksha said...

it is beautiful....really....gentle n nice...i like the flow...keep writing!!