Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reaching Out To Smoke

I drive along deserted roads
Music and the purring engine in my ears
As, I watch the black cloud covering the moon
I see the silver lining

And, on a rock-top
At the dead of night
I watch the skyline
Of a merciless city

Yet the shadows
Calm in their solidity
Reassured of existence
Soothes my frightened soul

Still I am rejected
Left out on a cold, dark, eternal night
As, I walk alone
Grappling with conflicting emotions

Frozen strands of time
As, rain comes back
As, if she can guess my mind
And, though I hate it…I find solace

Am tired of walking
Tired of wishing for something I do not want
Yet, deep down reaching out for smoke
I light the next cigarette


Apeksha said...

"Frozen strands of time
As, rain comes back
As, if she can guess my mind
And, though I hate it…I find solace"
Love the subtle....perfectness of the lines...Its amazing...how gently you can treat emotions...I love the skeptic flow...the words just...reach out to u...its lovely...keep writing


sorry apeksha,
but i also loved the same lines as u mentioned....and the lines are true as somewhere we want the time to guess wat we think and somewhere we want to lie to ourselves..its so true...

Ady said...

You know i read it once, and something was missing...
Read it again, and i could relate...
N now, it seems lyk magic...

semanti said...

contradiction...."I walk alone"....you never walk alone your shadow follows you always........in the darkness the memories are there with you.........the verse is simple yet a strong smoke of emotion rises with the "smoke of the next cigarette"...........

Anonymous said...

there is no need to have a strict combat between being independent and being dependent.. bit of both is great .. (i think)... just relax ... theres lots more to see in life .. sometimes .. memories just screw it up .. but the moment you stop trying to hide from them.. they will stop haunting you... you are trying too hard ... DONT!!