Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rain Messenger's Diary 18....25th April, 2012

I have almost forgotten when I last picked up my pen to write something, or in this case typed something in Word.  But, a long hiatus from penning my ramblings is not what perplexes me, what astonishes me is I didn’t really get the insatiable urge to write. The search of a livelihood and the whole deal of growing up perhaps steals a bit of you from you.

Suman has sung some of my favourite lines, one such being “E Sahar janey amar prothom shob kichu, palate chai joto shey ashe amar pichu pichu”. It has always intrigued me how we keep trying to run away and avoid our past yet the more we try to forget, the harder it gets to do so. I do not know whether am running away or just don’t have the time to stroll down memory lane…but I do miss my madness when it rains. I miss, being able to simply walk out and greet the rain with open arms and closed eyes.

In a daze, I walk on doing things that are expected of me, a non-descript life of a non-descript human-being….one among teeming millions whose absence or presence is equivalent.
I truly have lost the touch…I seem to have lost my words…I guess sometimes we do lose our lives in search of our livelihoods


Panchali said...

Its true, we leave a lot behind. A lot is lost and even more forgotten and this phenomena becomes so common that it almost seems normal. But, I believe that we can always recall whats forgotten with a bit of an matter how much haste there maybe, how much screwed up life is, that bit of extra effort and we get some of the best moments back... even if it is for a moment. and then... its all worth it.

Apeksha said...

"We do lose our lives in search of our livelihoods..." How true...And yet the strange thing is, this beautiful thing..that is with us in our toughest...eludes us in our happy hours...writing waits like a faithful friend in a corner..she smiles upon us while we live with our silly ways and says "I'll be right here when you'll have loved and are hurting and will want my recluse..." Keep writing bro

Anonymous said...

The rains mercilessly when you want it to stop, dries you mercilessly when you want it to start,sometimes like a thief "hahakar shuneo nistobdhe nirobe" it rains indifferently- you at its beck and call, yet only much later when its done feasting on its victims, rain sometimes stop to wonder how painless it could have been to you and says sorry for every rain drop of your eye.