Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A page from the Journal of a Soldier

Did I tell you “I love you”
Before I left you by the door,
Our baby in your arms?
Did I tell you that you are the best in me,
And the one you hold is the best gift…
I can’t remember
The sound of bullets don’t let me think.

Another day.
I have survived.
To see the next day
When my luck may finally run out...
As somebody else’s did today.
The blood made me puke
And I puked…as I shot one more down.

My love
Politics or policies I know not
I fight for the man next to me.
And you. And our cherub.
Orders have been given.
So we go on…
Into the night.

And one more falls.
No one’s a hero
All a fallen son.
But, then again, they are heroes
A forgotten star on some wall.
Yet I don’t give up…
I can't forget your face by the door.

I can’t remember how long it has been
Since, I saw you last…
These bullets don’t let me think straight
But, I fight.
The man next to me. You. And him.
Is all I remember now.
Tomorrow I go again…

So, remember to kiss him for me
And, give yourself a hug
I don't recall whether I said it before
So, I say it now
I love you and him.
And everyday’s fight is to survive
So that, I can see you.


Apeksha said...

it is have every kind of sentiment there is embedded in your heart....and you put it into your unique musical can actually put this in a song you know.....i loved it....i can't describe anything more in words....loved it...keep writing

Anonymous said...

There will always be a land of "magnets and miracles" that we would like to recall ...someone left behind... doors that lead to more...but then my dear ... are walking down a road that is letting u feel mysterious and i love the fact that your searching for more of it .. as u go ...Very proud of you and your Beautiful expressions...

Enlightener said...

We all struggle to be a winner in our eyes...
We strive to excel in every field never realising the memories that pass by, trampled beneath the fast revolving wheels ..........
Yet the victory eludes us....
This poem seems to a passing memory that struck the wind shield, so that i could read it....Realise that it was time to stop searching.. for sometimes the lamp is right in front of you, and u miss it trying to chase the stars....
Shine On

semanti said...

ts is sure to touch a soft chord in every1's heart............gud going........luved it a lotttttt...............great work