Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last Song

The song sung
under the shadow of the last sky,
trapped beneath the ashes
of burnt threads of time
and few lonely hearts
that stopped beating.

I knew what you were saying
but surely I knew wrong.
I heard what the world was saying
but surely I heard wrong.
The mistakes of my music
hidden by the blue veil of night.

And you are lonely…
While I lose myself in pointless poems
The words entangling and suffocating you
In a mesh of senseless sound.
As, you struggle…I watch
And immerse in my last poem as if it’s my first

The world appears hard for you…
Deserted in the darkest of winters
And, here in the moon-swept rooftop
of the forsaken mansion
I wish I could share my fears.
And, as you go behind the horizon
I write yet another song
of another dawn in the world we left behind.

This dance is yours as much as mine
And as we let the music wash over us
like the disrespectful waves
on the majestic shores.
I sacrifice myself every time
as if it’s my first.

The strength that made me weak
Left me waiting in the world of words.
Shivering, waiting for your blanket
To be hidden in your arms.
Time has come to break free again
Freedom bought at the cost of my last song
The song written in tribute to my first.


Anonymous said...

there were many pictures...flashes of my life gliding on as part of a slide show as i read it......

in the 2nd stanza..
ppl whom i trusted - only to be betrayed by them..
i was trying to create music - of certain relations...which obviously were not to be..but i didnt hear the truth then- or rather i think i chose not to hear it as the world screamed it out time and again!

times when i've felt blocked out by the world, by everything...from everyone...i drown in the ocean of times its too painful to bear...but thats how am reborn again...

wat may appear a rosy world for u ( my betrayer ) now...well- its an illusion...draggin u down to the deepest trench
but try as i may...i cant help u;
i can only cherish sweet memories with u, hoping u hv the strength to come up again.

I assumed u to be my strength
Banked on this fact all along
Only when i am broken
I realise how i was wronged.
Yet i yearn for the lost moments
To relive them again..
With a new YOU perhaps...
Just so,
I wish to be myself again

the above sums it i suppose...

Apeksha said...

Its vivid and complicated....a mesh of emotions...More like a spider spinning the tale of its life in the form of its web...Yet it numbs with suffocation....and somewhere glistens a has eyes of hope looking on....But shattered dreams of which it is built...It is strong at the foundation but displays a battered soul...a sigh out of is pure magic of words....and you are a wizard...keep writing

G@gz said...

the last song .. is a total sea of emotions... have nothing more to say good job brother