Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rain Messenger's Diary 4...On Atheism

Revolution and Religion, two of the most abused words in history, which has become synonymous with hypocrisy, façade and elaborate masquerades behind which details of human being’s fall is hidden. The story of death, power-hunger, and human(dead, usually…)ladders. From the Jehads to the Crusades to riots, it has served but one purpose that of anarchy and ultimate ruin of common man while keeping some happy enough to sing the glory of a shaped-stone.

The utter uselessness of the demarcations of the “super-being” and consequently, the outrageous con of creating a “super-being” is so ridiculously evident that most choose (safely…) not to see it. And, thus came…the ‘Nastiks’, ‘Kafirs’ or ‘Atheists’ branded, ostracized from society looked upon as pitiful beings for whose souls the other “blessed” souls must pray. Thus, came the handful of men unrelated and unknown to each other but bound by a deep courage to face the truth rather than live clutching a fairy tale. Men who would accept the truth that we are terribly alone and nobody is watching over us or our actions (except maybe the police at times…) and we must face the consequences alone…no benevolent God to bail us out of this one…

The point of this article is not, however, to reprimand those “lolly-pop” sucking kid-adults who are still engaged in childish games of bowing to a burning ball of gas which will unwaveringly bring about their ultimate ruin…or dangerous ones such as killing other fellow-children in the name of petty tribal feuds…called clash of religious ideals or riots. The point of this article is to talk to or about the pseudo-atheists or theists corrupting atheism as they have no idea about what atheism is.

Atheism is not being different as a stunt like a crow wearing peacock’s feathers nor is it meant to be a statement that “I’m a hero…courageous and valiant…O’ bow to me…”... then he is the most religious person ever…because he seeks a fan-following. But, most importantly atheism is not meant to be spread for the simple reason that it cannot be spread. It is a realization of ideas…of facts already present. It has to be done by oneself…trying to spread it, is like explaining that time is relative to a kindergarten student…(now please do not get cute with me, atheism cannot be taught even when the kids grow up…for the reason that people who believe never grow up…they live in “belief”-land.) Atheism also does not mean looking down on people…lets look down on the fundamentalist chameleons but please, let us learn to differentiate between them and honest victims who really do believe in religion. Atheism is about letting them be…it is about standing against everything that religion stands for…group-ism…do’s and don’ts…divide and rule.
Atheists are meant to be people quiet not vociferous in their knowledge but at the same time firm in their conviction of the truth. Atheists are meant to be people restrained not overboard about proving that they are right but at the same time holding on unwaveringly to the fact that they are right…and wait for the change in tide of things.
Atheism is an extreme philosophy, it does not stand for half measures…either you are an atheist or you are not…if you are not then why pretend?

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